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  1. thank god this is over. was getting tired telling people on 5 threads a day there was no way JD was going to keep BOTH Sam and Wilson.
  2. true. Bridgewater outplayed him when he was here
  3. im surprised that a team that had Mawae and Mangold at center has spend 0 draft picks on one. we should know better than anybody how important it is to have a great one
  4. i don't know whos better. but JD should. and if he thinks its Sam then don't draft a QB at 2. yes Sam will beat Wilson out in a competition. but not because hes better but because he has 3 years in the NFL. Wilson is a brand new rookie. i think most NFL vets can beat out rookie QBs. that why there never in a real competition. that why every rookie that's not siting behind a HOF (Favre) or and really good starter (Smith) gets to play most of there 1st year but tell me something, what's the endgame here? you know were not extending Sams contract for 18 mil. he will be a free agent. so Sam plays well then what? Wilsons on the bench the whole year? we sign Sam to a multi year contract worth a lot and go with Sam from 2022 and beyond? that's what you want to see right? but what's really going to happen is Wilson will start 3/4 of the season. so were keeping Sam for 4 games? as bad as Rosen was he still started 13 games so Arizona could see what they had. even Mahomes who sat the 1st yr while Smith went 9-6 was still given the team the next year. if Sam goes 9-6 you guys would start a riot if they try to bench him. hell i probably be with you on that. but what happens to Wilson? he sits on the bench never to start a NFL game so we can see what he has? you can try to trade him but hes not going to be worth what a 2OA pick is. and Wilson could be better than a 9-6 Sam. we will never know unless he plays. my point is if your drafting Wilson then go all in. sign Mullins who can help him with the system to help get him on the field faster. if you want Sam than don't draft a QB. there is a lot of good players we could get with that pick. i just don't see the benefit of having both on the same team.
  5. exactly. and thats why JD will never keep him. and what are you getting for a trade of Wilson? nowhere near what the 2OA pick is worth. so he just blew that pick. he might as well hand in his resignation.
  6. so you dont care about the draft picks, you just want a cheap backup with an upside? why not just sign Nick Mullins? he made 2 mil last year. thats 7 mil less than sam will get this year. cant get cheaper than that. and he has starting experience. but most importantly, he knows the new system there running. he could be a tremendous help to Wilson. and that should be our #1 priority. doing whatever we can to help Wilson. sure Mullins probably isnt as good as sam, but so what. whats more important, having our bridge QB win games or helping get our future QB on the field faster. you keep talking about sams upside, how does that benefit us? Wilson will be the QB, come hell or high water. so if sam plays well then what? hes gone at the end of the year. so we just helped resurrect sams career on our dime. unless you want to franchise tag sam for 22 mil and keep Wilson on the bench for a 2nd year.
  7. if the GM is smart sam is gone. Wilson if drafted will be JDs man. HIS pick. why would he keep sam? all sam could do is beat out Wilson and make JD look like an idiot for drafting Wilson. if Wilson beats sam you got nothing, nada, zilch, zero..... thats a hell of a lot less then peanuts. a 3rd rd pick isnt peanuts. even a 4th rd pick is better then nothing. so you rather get nothing if you dont get a 1st or 2n rd pick? or are you one of those guys who are counting on another teams QB to have a season ending injury and they come to JD to trade with a 1st rd pick? thats alot to hope for. and hes a free agent at the end of the year so thats got to be a SB team to want to give up that much. i wonder what odds Vegas would put on this happening. the only reason sam is still here is because JD wasnt sure yet about Wilson when the QBs were being moved. now only 2 teams Carolina and Denver are left and there waiting to see what QB if any drops to them. i expect sam to be gone on draft day. Wilson is drafted to be the starting QB. and he will start. maybe not game 1, but by game 4 he should be starting. and nobody is giving you better than a 3 or 4 midseason for a QB that sucked for 3 years and has 2 months to go before you can get him for money. he would have to look great for those 3 or 4 starts he has and thats highly unlikely. and then he leaves at the end of the year and you get nothing. peanuts are better than nothing.
  8. sam won 2, well lets say 3 cause the raider game should have been a win. its not crazy to think that sam could still suck like last year but with a better coach making better calls could win 5-6 games. 5 wins this year would put us between 7-9. 6 wins ... 10-12... your gonna have to trade up if were end up there. your right about QBs being a crap shoot. but wouldnt you want to take that shot with 6 QBs? how many 1st rd QBs are coming out next year? we dont know. we could have 3, or even 1 QB.
  9. you gotta wonder if we drafted Josh Rosen if he would still be on this team. if the coach, the roster, and the moon are the reasons sam was bad, then it would be the same excuse for Rosen. and if sam got drafted by Arizona he would be on a practice squad right now.
  10. if we picked 6th this year , 3 maybe 4 QBs are off the board. wouldnt you rather be at 2 to pick the QB you want? sure those teams got lucky when Mahomes dropped to 10. but thats not always the case. if the giants picked a QB that they needed Allen might not ever dropped to 7. the year we picked Geno in the 2nd rd he was the 2nd QB taken in the draft EJ Manuel was 1st. next year can be that bad. or it could be great. we dont know. we do know this year many teams are raving over 5-6 QBs. and we have the 2nd pick to draft anyone not named Trevor. this is the year to draft a QB.
  11. i doubt the shiny new coach gave a ..... its sam or nobody ultimatum. it was more like, ... we can fix sam ...if you want...OR fix another QB. whatever you want boss. no way JD hires these guys if they told him its sam or bust. you got one year to fix sam.... 4-5 to make Wilson a FQB.
  12. there will be a thread like this till sam is gone. thats why i hope hes gone by draft day.
  13. because nobody ever does it. Herbert after 1 game, Mayfield 2 gms, Allen and Watson started later on in season 1. Eli after 9 gms...the list goes on and on. and Warner played better than Eli and stil got released at the end of the season everybody knew it was there team. they would start sometime during the season. that wont be the case if sam wins a competition. if you bring in Mullins, even if he has some good games nobody here will say lets keep him as the starter. but with sam there will be. you see how we are fighting back and forth. imagine this for 8 months. think the media will just sit back ? Team Sam : he looks better than with Gase. we need to keep him a 5th year. even Bart Scott says we should.. Team Wilson: of course he looks better. there's nowhere else to go but up when your the worst QB in 3 years. time to see what Wilson has. thank god JD is smarter than this. no way he puts us thru this mess.
  14. thats a good example. of course he was going to sit behind Kurt Warner because ......hes Kurt Warner. not Sam Darnold. and i doubt there was one person in there fan base that wanted 33 yr old Warner to be there QB of the future. thats not the case here as many of you want sam to be our future. lets look at that 2004 Giants season Warner wasnt killing it, but he was 5-4 and did have them in the playoff hunt. they ended up just 2 games out of a WC. and i do remember there was some talk to just ride with Kurt to see if they can make the playoffs. but they went with there prized QB pick that everyone was dyeing to see. and Eli went 1-6. now imagine that happends here? sam doesnt kill it. warner had only 6 TDs and 4 INTs. but if sam had us at 5-4 you guys will want to keep him. say he need more weapons and time. and the rest of us will want to see Wilson. what a big sh*t storm that will be. and what do you really think you can get for sam in the middle of the season.? he would have to learn a new system, and have only 2 months left. now is the best time for a trade. you might not like what there offering but it wont get better the closer he gets to Free Agency. you get him for camp, pre-season, etc, etc.... plenty of time to learn the playbook...
  15. if this mock was true. meaning SF really called JD for this. doesnt this make anyone think....what do they see thats so special? that maybe we should keep the pick. looks like they think Wilson could be the next Joe Montana.
  16. i feel the same way with some of the trades we propose for #23 they want to swap #6 or #8 for #23 and give them sam. who would do that? but ask them about trading down from #23 and they say.....oh thats a 1st rd pick at least. and then some smh...give me a headache. this draft cant come fast enough
  17. i dont think he can beat out Foles i think the only one is Denver. he could probably beat Lock...maybe
  18. you dont get it. if Wilson is good and Sam is sam, JD will get fired. i haven't seen a mock draft in a month that doesn't have Wilson going 2nd. and 90% of the media think the jets should draft him. if JD goes against the majority he better be right. or he looks like the only guy who didnt think Wilson was better than sam. and the media will kill him for it. its will be like deja vu mac drafted Adams when he could had Mahomes or Watson... JD passes on Wilson for sam..... mac then picks Sam the next year... JD is then forced to pick a QB next year...... and remember mahomes and watson didn't play much in there first year. its wasn't till year 2 that they lit it up. he might start looking like mac more than you think. if he strikes out with Wilson we wont know for 3 or like you Sam fans want 4 years. that gives JD enough time to build this roster and show he knows how to draft. but if he goes with Sam and Sam sucks he will be on a hot seat. he really needed a 4th year to see what Sam is? hes suppose to be some great evaluator of talent. you should have known it was Sam and not the roster or coach.
  19. which would still be a major overpay for him. and JD doesnt overpay for nobody. if we keep him he plays for his contract.
  20. idk, i think you got to be all in on whoever is the QB. you cant be half pregnant. i want every resource, every second the coach has and whatever else to go to making whoever the QB is better .i don't know if you can do that if both Sam and Wilson are on the team. sorry but a 3rd rd pick is all Sam is worth if were lucky. and what about the contract? if you trade him in season it will be after 8 games. what do you think your getting for someone with 8 games to go before hes a free agent? probably less then you can get now. and were not signing him to that 18 mil extension. i don't think anyone can blame JD for trading sam. if he plays well somewhere else so be it. how many chances can we give the guy. and just food for thought. you worry about trading Sam for pennies. well i don't think JD cares. he released Bell. i don't know about you but i bet you AND me thought he could get something for him. anything. but he didn't. and he didn't say, ....well if i cant get something then im keeping him on the team. maybe he will play well and i can get something after the season. no, because JD knew the team was better without him. now i don't think that will happen to Sam cause somebody will give something for a QB. i just think that JD wont keep Sam cause he didn't get the trade he wanted. i think Sam gets traded day 2 of the draft. Carolina and Denver are the most likely landing spots and there holding out to see if they can move up for a QB. if they cant that's where Sam goes for a 3rd or 4th rd pick.
  21. or if im, Carolina i could just stay at 8 and take Mac Jones as most mocks have him going to. or just give JD the 2nd rd pick he wants for Sam and keep #8.
  22. it wont be good for JD if sam outplays wilson. and thats another big reason to get rid of sam. yeah we would be happy with a Tannehill, but JD take a serious hit for not seeing Sam was better than Wilson. wasting 2OA. and what kind of trade do you get for Wilson? even if sam is Tannehill, Wilson is suppose to be better than that, and he couldnt beat sam out. JD will do whats better for the team, but not at his own expense. if sam becomes the FQB it wont be anything JD did, in fact it would be in spite of him because he drafted his replacement with the 2nd pick in the draft. we would have to really think about whether or not we still trust him in making decisions for the team. thats why i think if Wilson is drafted sam is gone. there is no good that can come out of sam being on this team for JD.
  23. yes but they brought in nobodys. not there prized top 3 QB from 3 years ago. and Mahomes sat behind Alex Smith. he was a very good player at the time. and Jackson sat behind Flacco. and Tua behind Fritz. Herbert sat 1 game, Mayfield 2 games behind nobodys. you only sit if there is a really good QB in front of you. and Sams not that
  24. he makes 9 mil this year and 18 mil if we pick up his option. and that 18 mil is all guaranteed so i think it all goes on the cap. and this is a big reason you cant keep him unless its just for 2021. if he has another bad year in 2021 how can you keep him. plus making 18 mil. most backups make 9-10 mil a year. if Alex Smith starts Sam will be the highest paid backup by 10 mil . Rodgers sat because Favre was a HOF QB. Sam is not. no way any QB picked 2OA sits behind Sam. yeah maybe a few games at the start. but by game 3-4 Wilson will be the starter no matter what sam does. plus i doubt Rodgers was making anywhere near 18 mil when he sat behind Favre. and JD is a value guy. we never overpays. no way he values sam anywhere near 18 mil
  25. i wonder if this is the same person from that S.I interview. at least someone is bringing this to the police. Buzzbee doesn't trust HPD. so what's Buzzbee next move? can he have another PD like the NYPD investigate a crime that happened in another state? cause if not then what?
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