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  1. i know thats sarcasm but it does change the game. today for example we missed 2 FGs. so instead of being one score down (8) we are down by 2 (14) and with Gase because of that we have seen the end of our run game. maybe Gore gets 2 carries.
  2. i dont care if JD uses a 3rd round pick, i want the best kicker in college. the missed FGs this year are killing us. definitely cost us a few games this year
  3. one guy gets 100 yds last week. the other gets 74 yds on 8 carries. and Gase gives one 2 carries and the other none in the first quarter. he really is the worst coach ever!!!
  4. problem is not everyone is Peyton. we hope Trevor is. i had agreed with the post that if we get the #1 then we pick Trevor. but if we dont then dont force it and pick the next best QB if you dont like him just because we need one.
  5. i agree. Parcells didnt draft a QB with his #1 pick with us. he signed Vinny. and we surrounded Sanchez with a really good team and he didnt have to do much, might just be the way to go if we cant get Trevor.
  6. they look like an All Star team now because of what they became. i bet you didnt say that about the 96 team after 3 losing seasons. in 95 that team of so called All Stars went 3-13 with Kotite in 94.... 6-10 with Carroll and Kotite came here with a wining record of 36-28 and Martin and Testaverde came the next year in 98 on won 12 games. who knows we could be talking about this team like that . we could have beat LV, SD, Den, NE, and buffalo twice. thats 6 -6 that a better coach could have had us at.
  7. the thing that surprises me about this is that old veteran SB winning coaches usually dont come out of a long retirement to to coach a team with a rookie QB. they usually take a team like Atlanta who have a very good vet who needs a kick in the ass. maybe even go to Dallas if that job open. they usually dont want to deal with the growing pains of rookie QBs. unless he really thinks Trevor is the real deal
  8. he does work with him. maybe Bill told him to throw it out there to see what the reaction will be among the owners, fans and ny media.
  9. i guarantee you more than 3/4 of this team comes back and we win 8-9 games if we get the right coach. look at the team Parcells won 9 games with after Kotite. almost every starter than won one game for Kotite won 9 for Bill
  10. i think its bad. now we get a guy who have never DC before whos going to be really motivated to show the league he can do it.
  11. imagine he goes there and does good. Adam Gase doesnt coach that team. that would be our worst night mare
  12. agreed. plus Williams has intermed coached so hes no child. and to think all of the " fire Gase now " people, hey this Williams would be our coach if we did
  13. The Jets made an unprecedented play call to end their game vs the Raiders There were 252 pass plays meeting this criteria the last 15 seasons: •Final 15 seconds •Down 4-8 points •40+ yards to the end zone They were the 1st defense to send 6+ pass rushers in ^ situation got that from ESPN stats twitter page
  14. exactly. but the Browns had the luxury of being able to win a few games if they could. the #2 pick giants won 3 games. we cant afford a win. and if anybody thinks people who cheered a jets lost arent real fans then your delusional. i think we can all agree Sam isnt a very good QB. not even a good one atm. we cant go on with him. we need a new QB. and everyone says Trevor is really good. this team has made this season for me any all of you misable. and were so close to this kid whos suppose to be so good and we could miss out for one win. well im rooting for 0-16. we didnt vcome this far to lose out. and as i mentioned above the Browns fans could root for a win or 2 in there 0-16 season cause they had a 3 game lead for the pick. we cant i wish Jax could win a game or two
  15. i wonder what Jax is doing right now that they see the Jets wining. there probably sitting anyone with a chance to help them win
  16. wait were getting our news from a ex convict gambler from the Michael Kay show who sounds like he was in goodfellas? LMFAO
  17. i believe if we draft him and dont sign him he becomes a FA after a year. or is able to enter the draft again.
  18. agreed. we need a big name coach so this talk of Trevor not coming here ends, sorry but Kafta, Bienemy , there not exciting enough to stop Trevor from pulling some Eli sh*t
  19. this is the stupidest thing i have heard yet. 1. why would we want Dak. he had a bad injury and might never be the same again. plus hes going to want a max contract. like the one Jerry Jones wouldnt give him last year. 2. why would i swap picks at #4. if we do that Jax with take the 2nd best QB at #2. and then who are we stuck with, a maybe broken Dak. we wouldnt know till he plays and by then it will be too late. besides did anybody think Dak is all that great? and i dont think this will be a #4 in the end. Dallas has some winnable games left. SF, Phila, Giants, Cin, they could win a few of these.
  20. AGAIN! well Darnold got another excuse this sunday as to why he sucks
  21. did you see all the OL injuries? and Gase still doesnt want to practice Lewis? Sam is going to get killed on sunday.
  22. exactly. why trade for him when teams know we are not keeping Sam if we got Trevor. the best backup for a rookie QB is someone with experience to show the kid the ropes. is Sam the guy you want giving Trevor advice? i think JD shops Sam around. maybe someone offers a 5th or 6th and he takes it. if not he cuts him before his roster bonus and save over 3 mil. remember what happened to Lev Bell. teams knew he wanted out and Gase didnt want him so JD couldnt even get a number 7 for him and he got released.
  23. yes. there are plenty of great OC as HC. i only put up the DCs because we are acting like since we need a QB the only coach who can coach a rookie high draft pick QB is an OC.
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