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  1. KC starters #1 picks - 3 #2 picks - 5 #3 picks - 3 #4 picks - 5 #5 picks - 1 #6 picks - 0 #7 picks - 2 and 3 undrafted FA . we had 4 #1 picks to start. why cant we do it like KC and the tons of other successful teams. TB had 4 #1s to start. and last year they won 7 games. like another poster said, if JD cant find talent in rds 2-7 he should resign now.
  2. not that much. hometown discounts, wanting to play for a winner. we have no QB right now. the most important position. its either the worst QB in the league the last 3 years or a rookie. and theres no guarantee that either will be good. it will be like last year. we will get a Perriman, and a Fant. i dont see JD overpaying big enough to get the top FAs
  3. he also said on TMKS that Sams contract does matter. that 5th year option just might be Sams final nail in the coffin.
  4. we get Watson. that trade has to happen this year with 3 teams with 2 first round picks. if they wait till next year so far its only us with 2 BUT, hopefully we will be better and not picking as high as 2. if Houston wants to draft there next QB it would have to be this year cause they could get multiple 1st rd picks and a high 2 or 3 to get that QB in a trade with us or Miami. we would win cause i believe Woody would step in and do whatever it took to get his first FQB. that is if its True that Watson would except a trade here. if not he goes to Miami.
  5. he only comes here if we have Watson. we have a serious problem in FA despite all our money. we dont have an answer at QB. FAs especially WRs are going to want to know whos throwing at them. Free Agency starts on the 17 i think. Fields and Wilsons pro day are later in the month. `i dont think the Jets will know who there QB is next season until april or even draft day. they might want the money, but they also dont want to ruin there careers. Robinson, JuJu and others are young. they will get another contract after this one. and that contract will suck if they go from over 100 catches this year to 50-60 with us the next couple of years. unless JD trades for Watson in the next 2 weeks its going to be hard to get Robinson and the other top WRs.
  6. the most conservative owner in the league who wouldnt change the name Redskins for nothing, until he was forced to by FedEx now get rid of cheerleaders for a coed dance team. whats next a LGBTQ day. LOL
  7. wasnt Slater the best Tackle last week? TB won a SB with one 1st rd pick on there OL. 2 from the 2nd, one 3rd and a 6th. im sure if i went through the best teams in the NFL they didnt waste 2 1st rd picks on the OL.
  8. Mack played great. he lived up to the trade. and thats all you can ask for. trades do not have to end in Super Bowls to be successful.
  9. but is he? really. he will go down in history as the greatest coach but without a QB he looks like everyone else without one. he looks like BB from Cleveland. and i agree with Cam. the guy won a MVP. what the hell happened to him.
  10. true. and even though he was brought there to win a SB i wouldn't say they got hurt in the deal. brought them to the AFCCG for the first time since they won the SB in 69. havent been there until Mahomes did it a year ago. even though the pick turned out to be Dana Stubblefield it wasnt a bad trade.
  11. at the start of the year i would have said no. Bill would find a way to get Sam playing good. but after seeing he couldnt help Cam i say why not. i cant imagine Bill will be any different from Gase. seriously. if he was he could have brought back Cam. or made Stidham a starting QB. the QB either has it or not.
  12. what about Khalil Mack? to early to tell on the raiders draft picks but regardless Mack has been to the pro bowl for all 3 years in Chicago. they already won on there end. Montana to KC worked for both. i would even argue that Eric Dickson worked out for Indy. he was a beast for 2 1/2 years until he got hurt. RBs have a short shelf life.
  13. thats what were going to spend on drafting QBs until Watson retires in 10 or more years. if Sanchez turned out to be our FQB he would still be here today. we wasted 7 picks on QBs in that time. 1st rd. Darnold 2nd rd. Geno and Hackenberg 4th rd. Morgan and Petty 6th rd. Boyd 7th rd. McElroy
  14. your right about FA. who wants to come here. but Watson would make us more attractive especially for WRs. good article here talking about just that Jets' uncertainty at QB could hurt ability to attract top free-agent WRs (msn.com) There’s a lot of uncertainty at quarterback for the Jets. Maybe they will take a quarterback like BYU’s Zach Wilson with the second overall pick. Maybe they’ll pull off a blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. Or maybe they’ll stick with their incumbent, former third overall pick Sam Darnold. %7B There’s a lot of uncertainty at quarterback for the Jets. Maybe they will take a quarterback like BYU’s Zach Wilson with the second overall pick. Maybe they’ll pull off a blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. Or maybe they’ll stick with their incumbent, former third overall pick Sam Darnold. As Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.tv writes, the Jets’ unpredictable quarterback situation could influence their ability to attract free-agent wideouts to New York. Besides the obvious financial details of an offer, an agent told the reporter that receivers will be most focused on who’s under center as they evaluate signing with the Jets. “It’s the first question they’re all going to ask, after they know the money,” the agent said. “Money is always going to matter most to some guys. But if it’s close, the Jets are going to have some tough questions to answer.” “Players don’t like uncertainty,” said a different NFL agent. “I would think those [top receivers] will want to know who their quarterback is going to be, not just for this year, but for the length of their new deal.” The Jets may not be able to provide that type of clarity to free agents. As Vacchiano notes, GM Joe Douglas is currently evaluating the top quarterback prospects and weighing their abilities against Darnold’s ability. Unfortunately, Wilson’s Pro Day isn’t until March 26, while Ohio State’s Justin Fields will be holding his Pro Day on March 30. Free agency starts on March 17, and at that point, the Jets could still be weeks away from making their own internal decision about the position. Thanks to the poor timing, there’s a chance some of the top free-agent wideouts skip New York’s hypothetical offer and join a team with a bona fide starting quarterback. There will be more than half a dozen teams that could look to add free-agent wideouts, and if top names like Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson or Kenny Golladay get slapped with the franchise tag, that means there will be an even higher demand for second-tier receivers (like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Will Fuller and Corey Davis). On the flip side, the Jets have more financial flexibility than most teams, as they’ll be armed with $90M heading into the start of free agency. Even if the Jets have yet to decide on their direction at quarterback by March 17, they could still entice a free agent with a massive overpay.
  15. i read we have 67 mil in cap space. another 13 mil if we cut Anderson and Lewis. that 80 mil minus 30 for Watson is 50 million dollars. you dont think we can find ammo with 50 mil dollars? and Darnold wont be here either so whats that another 5 mil? and dont forget we still have draft picks in rds 2-7. 60% of NFL starters come from those rds. 10% from undrafted FA.
  16. and Watson isnt a RB who btw have the shortest playing careers of all NFL positions. but to answer your original question as to the NFL ONLY, it its 0 for 2 . not 0 for 10 or some long history as you would make it out to be. and when Watson gets trade to whoever it will be 1 for 3. QBs are not RBs. its like apples to oranges
  17. there has only been 2 trades like that in the NFL and they were for Walker and Rickey Williams. both RBs not the 3rd QB in the NFL. they work out in baseball all the time. off the top of my head Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter. and Lindor will become another one if they can sign him long term.
  18. his numbers were. but if the team record is important to you then we better not sign any FA from losing teams cause there not worth it in your opinion? right? thats why you and others keep bringing up that ONE season at 4-12. i guess Joe Thuney is off the list. NE won 6 games. not very productive. does Allen Robinson make the cut? Chicago won only 8 games.
  19. and he won 21 games the 2 seasons before. been to a pro bowl each of the last 3 years. you dont want him cause his TEAM had one bad year? thats like saying you dont want a 25 yr old Derek Jeter cause his team had one bad year. or a Lebron. lol
  20. Woody would. big name like Watson you can bet Woody is involved. he will tell JD to make it happen.
  21. someone call up Jacksonville and tell them there doing it wrong. they cant draft Trevor with such a bad team around him. trade the pick. stockpile those golden lottery tickets called #1 picks. they can get a FQB next year, or the year after that. no rush. FQBs grow on trees. ( sarcasm ) i dont know if you guys have really thought this through. if we keep Sam one more year and he still sucks then what? we draft one next year? ok fine... you got to figure with a new coach and the 2nd easiest schedule we can win 7 games even with a sucky Sam. just look at 2019 under the same conditions. looking at this year as a template that puts us at the 13th or 15th pick. . even with 6 wins that puts us between 10-12. we could sit there and hope we get lucky. or we can move up but that will cost us those prized #1 draft picks. cant do that. how will we ever build our team if we give those up. ( sarcasm ). and according to some here who say our 2OA is worth 3 1sts i doubt the guys who want to save those picks will want to give them up to move up to a 2OA in 2022. of course the " keep Sam " crowd will still be here. oh he needs another year with Saleh. he need more weapons. look we improved by 5 wins. give him one more year. smh and then the " build the roster " crowd again will say...... im not giving up those 3 1st rd picks to move up. we will get a QB in 2023. yep just keep kicking the ball down the road. the problem with the " build the roster " strategy is that the roster will get better. meaning more wins. and picking later in the 1st rd. sooner or later we need to get a FQB. sooner or later if we build the roster now we will have to give up a bunch of picks to move up. and what team picking in the top 5 will want a 15OA. that will cost us ALOT of course we could do what we do best. hope and pray. hope and pray a Mahomes falls to 10 , a Watson falls to 12. . hope and pray everyone misses a Lamar Jackson and he falls to the end of the 1st....... that's a lot of hope and pray. and theres the "draft a FQB at 2OA " group. TBH i hear alot of good and alot of bad about all these QBs not named Trevor. but we all know the draft is no sure thing. so there you have the options of life without Watson. and to me it seams like at best were a 500 team. maybe get lucky a year here and there with a FA vet QB who can get us a 10 win season and a WC game. if Watson is serious about accepting a trade here than Woody has to get him. yes Woody! there is no way hes not invovled in this. no way he lets him go because Houston wants one more draft pick then JD wants to give.
  22. good thing Jamal didn't sign a extension yet. hes a FA at the end of the year. after that he will go home to Dallas
  23. did i miss something. where is Mel Kiper? or was he that bad he couldnt get in the top 212. LOL
  24. and yet there been better than us. just proves you can be a playoff team and not have #1 picks.
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