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  1. why not. unless he gets a lifetime ban he will play again. so why not for us?
  2. funny how no one wants to give up those precious #1 picks for Watson, a proven FQB. but are willing to trade a couple of 1s to take a chance on a QB in next year in the draft. SMH
  3. and we swapped ones and gave a couple of 2s to move from 6 to 3 to get Sam. i dont know the rules of how the Browns got what they did and we gave up what we did, just saying dont get your hopes up too high. what the browns got is not etched in stone.
  4. i told you he sucks i love how " the fans think more of him than GMs ". well of course they do. they believe all these NFL insiders. tell me what happens to Cimini and these other NFL insiders if they get anything wrong? do they get fired? no. so why listen to them. most of these guys had us getting a #1 for Sam a month or 2 ago. now were not? but the GMs who job it is to get it right dont love Sam. that because they will get fired if they trade a 2 or maybe a 3 for Sam and get it wrong. Sam sucks
  5. well this could be a blessing for us. as always with something like this the team always feels like they need to get rid of the player, which never made sense to me because as long as you dont have a lifetime ban your going to play again....so why not for your team. but heres the kicker.... if this is true he did nothing wrong. he asked for a rub as she said no and he left. but the NFL is sensitive to ANY player wrongdoing an might try to suspended him. which could be good for us as his price should go down i was going to say before this happened that i thought Houston was overplaying there hand. more and more teams are filling there QB spots and even the long shot landing spots are fulling up. less bidders make the price lower, and this might add to it
  6. this will be the most boringness draft you ever seen once we trade those picks foe Watson.
  7. JuJu ????? i guess you havent been paying attention these last 2 days. JD is mid level shopping again.
  8. thank you been saying this for months i wanna hear the Darnold fans tell me know that hes still worth a #2 pick if anyone wants him as a backup it wont be for a 2, more like a 4th rd pick
  9. funny i say the same thing. its like God felt bad for us and handed us Trevor but we messed that up so he gave us one more chance and aligned the stars as you mentioned. im afraid if we turn down Watson we will be cursed for another 50 years without a FQB. its like that old joke the flood is coming and rescuers go to this guys house in a truck and tell him... hey you got to get out of here, the floods coming . your going to die no no, i believe in god, he will save me. so they leave.... and the water comes and floods the 1st floor of his house. the guy goes to the 2nd floor they come back in a boat.. hey you got to get out of here, the floods coming . your going to die no no, i believe in god, he will save me. so they leave..... and the water floods the 2nd floor. the guy goes to the roof. they come back in a helicopter hey you got to get out of here, the floods coming . your going to die no no, i believe in god, he will save me. so they leave.... and the water covers the roof...... the man dies so the man goes to heaven and meets god. he says to god, ... god i pray to you, go to church every sunday, do everything you ask, why didnt you save me from the flood. god says but i tried. i sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter.. this will be us when we die and go to heaven god why didnt you give the Jets a Franchise QB? i tried, i set you up for Trevor but you won to0 many games and you didnt what to give up draft picks for Watson LOL
  10. breaking news. Tyrod Taylor signs a one year contract with Houston for 12.5 Mil. thats a lot for a backup. maybe they realize they have no choice but to trade Watson
  11. and i hope JD has the same sentiment , unlike some people on this board who dont see the big picture. we dont want Watson going to Miami our real competition for Watson and watch him dunk on us for the next decade. with him and Allen we will never make it out of this division.
  12. or we could draft Blair Thomas, Kyle Wilson and Mark Sanchez. were trading 3 picks who we dont know who they are for Watson a sure thing. if JD doesnt hit on the QB it doesnt matter if the other 2 picks are all pros, nobody has more of an effect on whether a NFL team wins or loses than a QB.
  13. i expect there waiting for the pro days and maybe the combine to end. they want to get a good look at the QBs in the draft, maybe fall in love with one. once they know who they want then things will start happening
  14. well they need about 15-16 million for draft pics. and dont be surprised if he saves some money for Watson. if or when he becomes available i would hate if we had no money for him
  15. he needs 49 wins to beat Shula for #1. of course he was going to make a run of it.
  16. not only are we 2-14..... but our QB is Sam ( worst QB in the NFL last 3 years ) Darnold. OR some rookie who could be a bust. QB matters. we will never attract top FAs until we get a QB.
  17. and im sure with living in GB all these years hes had enough with the colds and the snow.
  18. i dont like him but to be fair we might have targeted them ...until we heard the price.
  19. i love this signing. this is the guy i wanted. hes young and has so much potential. if Saleh is as good a Defensive coach as we hope he should do well here. he playing for another contract. he didnt come here to die. older 30 plus yr old vets might think this is there real last payday and once they get that money they dont play as hard. these are the type of guys i want. i hope WR Samuels is next. another 24-25 yr old who would be playing for another big payday.
  20. didnt you guys read what JD is before he got here? he is a disciple of Ozzie Newsome who rarely signs FAs especially big name ones. Ozzie taught JD to build thru the draft. plus with our QB situation were not that attractive. dont expect a big splash.
  21. you posted this video10 mins ago and youtube blocked it already
  22. not a surprise. we won 2 games and Sam sucks. who wants to come here?
  23. why is everyone so excited about today? all your going to here is...my sources say this team talked to that guy... we been hearing from " my sources " for 2 months now. Wednesday is the day to get excited about. not today
  24. Sam had 14 dropped passes in 12 games. as bad as the WRs were they weren't dropping passes on him. maybe this next stat with help. Sam had a on target % of 71.8. that was 32nd in the league. maybe they didnt drop many passes cause Sam couldn't get them the ball. the one team worst than us, Minshew had 76.5% for 18th in the league. i know, i know, we had the worst WRs....OL....HC....Cheerleaders....stadium.... ballboy ...etc..etc poor Sam, nobody had it worst than him.
  25. Sam is injury prone too. i agree, its a no brainer. Garropolo over Sam
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