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  1. but this does make sense, on paper we look like a very good team. but im sure it doesnt take into account the injuries we will have and knowing the Jets we probably lose a major guy all year that we cant afford to lose. so if everyone plays up to thier potential then sure we can win the AFC East. but they wont.
  2. I like stuff like this too. yeah i think that 2009-2010 Jets had a lot of fun. i listen to Bart Scott everyday and he always talks with love of his ex Jets teammates. his name for Sanchez is "Taco". you know Sanchez has to be a good guy to let Bart call him that. i think those Rex teams were fun to play for. i was watching a clip on SNY.com which had 6 or 8 Jets from the 2009 or 2010 team. it had Bart, Mangod and Braylon Edwards among others. alot of Jokes and laughing going on. you can tell these guys really liked each other. and that doesn't go away after you retire. good memories.
  3. well that is the future if we start winning. you dont choose HCs off losing teams. once we start winning LaFluer is the 1st to go
  4. Massachusetts surprising has a low tax rate of 5%
  5. i forgot about alot of these. ok im wrong about that, but this also proves my point. these are all national so i think he gets these even if he won 2 SBs in Denver or anywhere else but NY.
  6. endorsements are BS. Eli won 2 SBs and all he did was a car dealership endorsement. his brother made a hell of alot more and never played here. how many other Giants from those SBs got local endorsements? and BTW all cities have that. you dont think Tyrek Hill isnt getting endorsements in Miami? and you cant use that Line for everyone. as i stated with the Giants no one else got them. and i know Barkley got a chucky soup endorsement but he didnt win anything , means he could have got that anywhere he played
  7. i dont listen to any of them. i mean i might have listened once or twice before the draft if they were talking about something i was interested in. but now that its over what are they going to tell me? another Deebo trade? what if we drafted this guy instead of that guy? i get that here and at least i can see other opinions on the subject and reply to them. now during the season was different. i watch that Aussie guy just to watch Zacks throws to slow motion them to see if the WR dropped it, if it was catchable and so on. i also watched the guy who posted the all 22s. again i was trying to get a closer look to see what JD and Saleh are seeing. to see if its Zachs fault on some plays or not. hopefully this year i wont need to look at these videos cause Zach played well enough
  8. i agree. i just knew Sam was going to beat us week 1 with Zack playing his 1st pro game and so many rookies. but if we played them later on we would have won. same thing this year. too many important rookies will need a few games to get there feet wet.
  9. this could be true. 1. 9-11 2. battle of 2nd year QBs. 3. still is a hated rivalry. 4. lots of buzz about the Jets having a great draft. people will have interest in seeing us play. i think this could be true. you can sell us with this draft we just had. with all our 1st and 2nd year players that looks good we are probably seen as an up and coming team. and what better way for us to take that step then to beat our most hated rival.
  10. how can it be a catastrophic mistake when you just proved JD tried to get at least 2 veteran QBs.? Football isnt like Baseball where you can throw buckets of money to get what you want. cant blame a man if he tries.
  11. wrong. @T0mShane got it right. cant force a guy to sign with you.
  12. i like Walter. he played well for the little time he played. i cant believe he gets cut and Perine who cant even get in the game is still on the team
  13. thats what the Philles get for wearing their 80's road uniforms at home.
  14. the Giants call put me to sleep. i cant believe they filmed that to show to there fans.
  15. i hate that they changed the numbers. makes it so hard to follow. a CB with 4, a WR with 15. an Edge with 44. smh
  16. never say die. this is a result of the presence of Buck. he has changed this whole culture.
  17. who cares . didnt he leave us? you cant be treated like the Jets super fan if you do. you cant be treated like a Jet celebrity. yeah losing sucks and if you dont want to watch or go to the games thats fine, but not for MR Jet. not for the face of Jet fandom.
  18. nice pick up. i told you guys that OL are a dime a dozen. they become available all over the place. no need to draft one as high as 4 or 10. i kind of feel bad for him. the guy probably can be a good starter and he wont start here.
  19. it was never going to be Ekonwu. remember why he was even considered? because Becton was such a question mark we just had to replace him. well then that should make him the 4th pick no matter what. or Neal. ok so the pick is Gardner at 4. but replacing Becton is so high on there list then why not take one at 10. Green, Zion and Penning were still on the board. so the WR was more important than replacing Becton? so thats 2 positions more important than OT. then an Edge at 26 and a RB in rd 2. these are not the moves of a team who is so worried about there RT that it was even considered at 4. then a TE as a backup at 101. im not killing these picks, in fact i loved the draft. im just saying even if Gardner was rated so high that you had to have him at 4 you dont wait till 111 to draft a Tackle to replace Becton if that was ever a consideration to pick his replacement at 4.
  20. Rex deserves more credit than what he gets on this board. 2 AFCCGs with Mark Sanchez. thats incredible.
  21. "NE is still the Big Bad Wolf, except Now when they open their mouth, they have no teeth" LMAO I love Bart, thats why he is my avatar.....Cant Wait!!!
  22. this was the target year for me all along. this is the end of the five 1st rd picks in 3 years which is plenty to get this team winning 8 games. then you add if the draft where we just got the best CB, RB and maybe WR as some people had Wilson that high, in college football. and one of the top TEs. the rebuild is over. the wining needs to start. there is no excuse for us not to win 8 games. well unless Wilson sucks. at least there is enough weapons here to find that out this year so we dont have to waste a 3rd year on him.
  23. we are all praising JD for this draft but i have been wondering and this article makes me wonder more.... if Gardner is gone do we pick Stingley or go for a OL. cause an OL would have upend this whole draft. Wilson should still be the pick at 10. or do they take JJ at 10. i doubt we still go Hall and Ruckert. no way do we just add an Edge and ignore the defense till rd 5 and then all the OL drama with Becton. he wouldnt be happy and he loves Twitter. and i dont think he gets traded cause of value and optics. or maybe Woody got invovled and told them they cant draft an OL 3 years in a row. i guess we will never know until ESPN does a "30 for 30" in 20 years to talk about our 2025-26 Super Bowl championships and we look back at this draft as the main piece of it.
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