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  1. Mitchell will be our stating Tackle in a year or 2 at a much cheaper price than Icky or Neal.
  2. doitny


    the bold is right. we cant have all star backups everywhere. and i dont think we carry more than 7-8 total OL. so this is it guys. this is the OL going into the season. i expect maybe a draft pick and some UDFAs but those guys are probably PS guys. i dont think you want some 4th or 5th rd rookie replacing Becton or anybody.
  3. ok guys i get it. just going off the numbers and what i read damm the whole board came out to defend this kid. even @T0mShane came out to defend this kid so he must be good lol
  4. i like the kid but his numbers arent much better than Kroft or Wesco. 2021 he has career highs 21 catches 309 yds 3 TDs. i think we need to lower our expectations
  5. i dont understand how Conner knows before the pick is announced. are we on that long of a delay?
  6. i seen that. if i was Carolina i would be really pissed right now.
  7. i remember when some people here wanted to draft Ruckert with our 2nd rf pick. and now he is still there at 97. boy did he drop
  8. that poor guy cant even speak anymore, how can Wayne Newton still do shows?
  9. that was funny when they came to get Ed off the stage
  10. just watched the Mets throw a team no-hitter. what did i miss?
  11. this is the action of a man who has serious pressure to win games this year. the rebuild is over.
  12. see guys isnt this better than drafting some OT and then getting some Center which many of you wanted.? JD finally gets its. TD makers and TD stoppers.
  13. alright baby. were going to have a kick ass offense
  14. i hate that they changed the numbers around. WRs and DE wearing 11, it gets so confusing. wish they would go back to the way it was
  15. now lets hear how Adam Gase does it. its like night and day
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