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  1. i would wait a week for Zack. coming off a knee injury and no LT. good luck. but of course the OL wasnt the problem it was Flaccos mobility, right? ok then good luck Zach
  2. yep when Zach gets here the OL will finally block someone. and no more stupid penalties. i cant wait. many wins coming our way
  3. what is the pool money for the premium pick um league?
  4. yes your right...... but at 12:32 he leaves the door open for Flacco. you really didnt read the article i posted did you? it covers this exact thing. he says one thing and then changes it a little. and he said Zach will play when he is healthy. he didnt stay he is starting the minute he is healthy. at 12:32 he says he will talk about Zach starting when he is healthy. Zach should be healthy this week. but he was not going to tell us he is starting until he sees what Flacco does today. why does he not say if Zach is healthy this week he is starting vs the Steelers? if you put yourself in Salehs shoes its smart to leave an open to go with Flacco next week.
  5. cool map. im guessing Red is no game. but what is Orange and Yellow? half a game. one shows you one half and the other does the 2nd half LOL
  6. half the NFL wins on other teams mistakes. Zach is the future. but the future doesnt have to be week 4. we will know more by 4pm
  7. yes Saleh has spoken i like Zach and will be rooting hard for him when he plays. i just dont see why if we have a QB who is playing well and winning that he has to be sat. or that he was the best QB cause of TC in a controlled environment. cause last year on gameday it was a different story but hey its gameday. enjoy. if Flacco plays well it will be a fun week ahead as we all try to guess his next move. then we will really get to see if im right about not sitting a hot QB. if Flacco sucks then its Zach in week 4.
  8. true but we cant poll 40k of us. do you think that 0.5% of the fan base want Saleh fired like the thread you started? im sure there is many more
  9. apologies to @Warfish as im going to borrow his style its not Costello. its what half this board wants. did you not read the article i posted above? i even bolded the statement where Saleh said he will talk about who is starting when Zach is healthy. a day before its was Zach is starting when he is healthy. he already is backtracking and left the door open to ride with Flacco if he plays well. and Zach can start when Flacco cools down. what do you want them to say, we messed up on our #2 pick and he cant beat the other QBs out? Saleh will say Zach is the starter until the day they cut him. they said nice things about Sam up until they traded him. Aarron Boone said Joey Gallo brought so much to the team.... and then a week later traded him. they all do it for obvious reasons. no coach says bad things about a player on his roster. yes, but lets not act like it never happened. you guys act surprised people doubt him like we never seen him play a NFL game before. yes, winning is fun. we have wasted 4 seasons in a row trying to develop a FQB. if Zach fails this year it will be 5. then some want to draft another one next year. that could be 6 and 7 seasons thrown away. sooner or later we are going to have to get the best FA we can and just roll with him and hope we put a really good team around him. i am actually the very few people who thought he played well. just like people want to bring up Chubb and blown coverages in week 2, in week 1 we had 2 red zone fumbles and 4 points lost by the kicker. if people not named Flacco would have stopped shooting us in the foot that game could have been much different.
  10. I think @jgb lives overseas. maybe he knows
  11. he wont come here unless he thinks we have a QB. if Zach can show him something that is the only way. he is not coming here to draft a QB. no coincidence he retired right after Brees. he has a legacy to worry about he cant win 4 games next year.
  12. but thats another point to keep playing Flacco if he is playing good. to see if we need a major overhall or just need another QB not named Zach. we need to see what another QB can do with this so we can judge Zack better. and right know according to your posts Flacco aint doing nothing which is a joke. i doubt we draft another QB again. it would be 5 wasted years ( SAM 3, Zack 2) on doing the whole draft a guy and develop him thing and we cant keep sacrificing more seasons. Zach#2, Sam#3 and Sanchez was the 1st QB drafted. maybe it would be good to draft 10 or 12 and pick the QB who lands to us since we suck when we have our pick of the litter if JD and Saleh survive it will be all about wins next year anyway. they got to go FA. so no need to hope we lose alot to get a high pick.
  13. week 1 wasnt as bad as you guys make it out to be for Flacco. they know it was their bad mistakes that cost them the game and not anything Flacco did. week 2 was emotional so that helped. but its also i think that he is spreading the ball around to everyone. except for Berrios everyone even MC1 who has 12 are getting alot of catches.
  14. only if you force Zach on them. if you wait to Flacco gives you 2 bad games or 2 loses you can make the case to switiching to Zach. but i think it has to be 2 bad games and or loses after last week. one bad one would start trouble
  15. Flacco just added about 2 Mil to next years salary. i can see a SB contender paying him 8 mil to backup. maybe Dallas with Dak who keeps getting hurt. you know maybe hes back here. most people want someone to compete with Zach. well unless we get Minshew whos a FA but he might want starter money whos coming here? Trubinsky? Mayfield? they are both stinking it up right now. i know people will lose their minds at the thought that Flacco might end up back here next year but i swear some people think you can just go to the QB store and get what you want. you want a young guy who can compete with Zach for the starter spot? sure no problem we got them in aisle 5 top shelf. if you wait to Feb there buy one get one free.
  16. because last year all 3 QB played better then Zach with the same team. maybe he does do as well as Flacco, but im not sitting a hot QB just because of where Zach was drafted.
  17. if Zach played the exact way Flacco did in week 1 the same people saying Joe sucked would be licking Zachs ass. if Zach did the same as Flacco vs the Browns they would all be sipping Champaine and saying we finally have our FQB. there would be no talk about Chubb or onside kicks or blow coverages. all the stuff they use to downplay what Flacco did.
  18. i dont think its the heat. i think its the throws. yeah Flacco had that pass but was it tight coverage.? honest question cause i dont remember. but it might have been the only place he could throw it. but you forget how many throws Zach threw behind his WRs. or at the back of their necks and made them twist around like pretzels. i really hope thats not what he meant cause if Zach is still doing that crap we have problems.
  19. i pretty much agree with you. i do want to see Zach play. i just do know why it has to be right now when Flacco is playing so well. from what Zach supporters are telling me is that Flacco sucks. well then this wont last long so whats the difference in zach getting 14 or 12 games? those 2 games wont matter to Zach. we will know long before 12 games are up whether he is the future. when we do go to Zach there is no going back. we are going to ride him the rest of the year no matter what. and we should. at that point it makes no sense to do anything else. if we sit a Hot Flacco, me.... you and the rest of this board will argue till the day we die about what could have been. Flacco could have sucked the next week or 2 or got us 2 games under 500 where Zack takes over anyway.... win 8-9 games and miss the playoffs.... a long playoff run with maybe a SB. none of us know. but we could end that by letting it play out with Flacco. what i find really funny is alot of the people who want Zach to play right now even if Flacco beats the Bengals are the same people who will blow up this board if we win 4 games this year to fire everyone. and one of their favorite arguments will be.............the record. and now that they want to go with a hot QB to win games they dont want that. of course not, these guys getting wins will hurt their whole "fire everyone" posts. i say let it ride. if Flacco is as bad as half this board thinks he is this will be over and Zach will be starting very soon.
  20. you like quotes? so do i. this ones my fav Has Wilson earned the right to have the starting job handed back to him? Saleh surely does not want to deal in hypotheticals, but we do. Let’s play this out a little bit. Flacco goes out Sunday and has another 300-yard, four-touchdown performance and the Jets beat the Bengals to improve to 2-1. You’re telling me Monday morning, Saleh is taking the keys out of Flacco’s hands?
  21. i believe Apple is free for baseball. i am a Mets fan so they didnt have many games on it but i know i watched them for free without giving any info.
  22. we are 1-1. the season isnt lost yet. but you do admit its probably a lost season with Zach so why rush to losing? is 14 games not enough for Zach? so if he got 12 games are you going to say at the end of the year... damm if i only had 2 more games i could telling if Zach is the guy.
  23. oh come on Slim, you know thats true. last year they brought in a guy who never played a NFL down and this year Flacco. this isnt our first Rodeo these high draft picks always play from the start in year 2.
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