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  1. i got to say im surprised that no one is crying for him not getting an OL. after all these months of me and others fighting with half this board over OL you guys are not bitching about how we are going to replace Fant and Mcg after 2023. LOL but he had a great draft IMO. i did not like Garnder just because i thought that was the 2nd best position on the team. but he gets the Edge he had to get which for me makes swallowing the CB pick much easier. he couldnt leave the 1st rd without addressing the worst defense and pass rush in the league. good job! and he got the best WR on many people's boards. earlier that day Bart Scott was explaining how Wilson was better for us than London. how Wilson fits our offensive scheme better. how we already have a tall lanky possession WR in Mims and we have no use for him. could also be that Mims just isn't that good. in a separate thread i think we should discuss how most of these experts and insiders got it wrong. isnt Conner his best friend or something. how many said it was Icky or Gardner but if both are there its Icky. yes i remember cause my stomach turned every time i heard we would pick a OL in rd 1. or it could be possible JD was going to pick Icky and Woody stepped in. i dont think Woody said WHO to draft but when he heard OL for a 3rd year in a row he put a stop to that. either way it was a great night last night.
  2. yeah tomorrow will be a good day to listen to sports talk radio. we are going to get alot of love.
  3. you must have went to sleep early cause Cine and Hill were taking at 31 and 32
  4. Linderbaum is going to cost 2.4 mil cap hit but a 6.8 mil signing bonus. Gardner is getting 21.5 mil signing bonus and over a 6 mil cap hit. these rookie guys arent that cheap.
  5. sometimes the owner has to push the GM in the right direction. its possible that Woody told him he didnt want another OL taken. take anyone else you want but that.
  6. they have a stacked team they can afford it. we cant take a center that early
  7. thank you god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more Linderbaum
  8. See thats the problem i had with Gardner. Carter was a pretty good slot guy last year. i dont think we should move him to teach Hall to play it. i think Hall goes to the dime or most likely traded.
  9. im really shocked they didnt move up. they both have two #1 picks and need a WR
  10. yes keep taking those OL off the board. JD is recovering OL addict, we dont want a relapse before rd 3.
  11. i wanted a Edge too, but he did get help for the defense. and yes JD should be scared. this is draft 3 and he needs wins. he cant afford to take a WR who wont play til maybe December. we cant sit back and have another losing season and say.... just wait till 2023 when Willams is here for a whole year, then Zack will be good. no we need to see what Zack is now. but i feel your pain. if we picked a OL i would feel just like you.
  12. so glad JD didnt make history tonight by drafting another OL. and he got the 2nd best WR on the board, i can love Joe again. now he needs to get that Edge tomorrow and a LB and were set to go!
  13. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are no more OL left to pick as high as 10!!!!
  14. it just makes sense to give Becton this year to see what he is. draft his backup in rd 3 in case he fails. you cant give up on a #1 pick after 2 years.
  15. this just locked us taking WR at 10. i dont see any other Edge going this high.
  16. because OL is not as valuable as Jet fans think it is.
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