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  1. You clearly do because you keep responding #GetGased #GasedGod #Gasehole
  2. And we kept sam darnold. Bad decision. But wasnt Gase's fault, that was owner decision. Gase wouldve drafted a new qb if he could. Trust the process #GasedGod
  3. I dont live in buffalo but maybe you do. Also whens the last time you jet nut? #GetGased
  4. I see football, what about you? You probably want The Sanchise back. Lets bring Rex off the ESPN desk while were at. Oh and why dont you look for Vinny Testaverde as a solid veteran backup. #GasedGod
  5. Darnold stinks... Let Gase start over with his dream QB. #GasedGod
  6. I dont see you coaching in many superbowls.... #YouGotGasedGod
  7. Yeah how about Super Bowl XLVIII? Masterminding a record setting offense and helped bring peyton back to prominence after noticeable decline..... Somehow people are quick to forget that #GasedGod
  8. He is a good coach.... good luck going out a finding a new one. Destined for 15 more years of pain, bring it on. Stick with Gase, let him build the team in his vision. I know we all love hating on gase but lets face it guys a superbowl coach. #GasedGod
  9. were still a potential playoff team and no one can take us lightly.... we havent been eliminated and i have a feeling Gase has something up his sleeve #GasedGod
  10. Rosen is better than Sam and they both suck. Let gase start over. #GasedGod
  11. Ive been a long time jets fan... over 60 years and you throw around this disrespect like this.... I lived thru the joe namath era. Gase is taking us places. Mark my words. #GasedGod
  12. This guy doesnt know what hes talking about at all... someone boot him
  13. Oh my god.... he does. Its easy to be a monday morning qb. Who led the most productive offense ever with the broncos? Can we find someone else who can do that? I'll answer that for you.... No #GasedGod
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