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  1. Worst era in Jets history. Don’t @ me
  2. No more “offensive geniuses” I have had just about enough of that sh*t Next “offensive genius” I want to see is in 2045.
  3. Ted Cruz LOVES Trevor Lawrence.
  4. If you think Sam Darnold is “soft”, wait til this kid puts his performances in “God’s hands”...
  5. Devout Christians who are engaged at 19 years old from nowhere towns in the middle of Georgia HATE places like New York, sorry folks. Welcome to reality in 2020.
  6. That’s exactly right. We DODGED A BULLET today.
  7. This dude came out of the womb as a Jaguar.
  8. His Fiancée plays soccer at a college that is a part of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. You people need to do your research.
  9. Really really blind to think that Trevor Lawrence would choose the “bright lights of NYC” over Jacksonville, Florida. What a joke.
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