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  1. This Sunday, 9/26/2021, the New Jersey Jets [0-2] will play the Broncos [2-0]. It doesn't look good for a win. The possibility of a third straight Jets loss is staring us in the face. It's not given to many teams to start off with three straight losses and still eke out a winning season. The phrase, 'Three and out' has a new meaning for the Jets.
  2. Setting aside who said what about whom [Ed.: Kinda like back fence gossip, if you ask me,] Green Bay's quarterback, Mr. Aaron Rogers, demonstrated in the second half that he's not yet a candidate for assisted living. He remains one of the names which must come up in any discussion of the best NFL quarterbacks playing today. Go, .Jets!
  3. The Jets fielded a competent defensive squad. Period. We'll see whether Mr. Zachary Wilson can distinguish the color of the uniforms of players downfield any better by next week. Go, Jets!
  4. This old follower of the Jets [I worked for Mr. Leon Hess when he bought the Titans,] hopes that Mr. Zachery Wilson, at game's end, is as injury-free as at the moment of kick-off. That said, there's a good possibility that today's game, given the Jet's defensive squad, will not be a total run-away. Go, Jets!
  5. New York NFL fans just can't catch a break. Big Blue, for the 5th straight year, is 0-2 and looking to go nowhere fast. The ever-lovin' Jets, down one, are facing [gulp] the Patriots for this Sunday's tailgate entertainment. New York NFL fans just can't catch a break, and that's the truth.
  6. As with all such statistics, they break down on a specific play and a specific individual. A defensive player with the lowest possible rating can, when the wheels and dials of Fortune twist and turn this way and that and come to rest aligned just right, recover a fumble in mid-air and scamper with it into the Promised Land. Regards, stay safe 'n well. Go, Jets!
  7. Yup! No need for a cover team if the punter has the necessary skill and is given the freedom to use it. In one great boot, both possible errors of the cover team and a multi-yard punt return become moot. Regards, stay safe 'n well.
  8. Mr. Matt Ammendola, in his first punt of the game, dusted off a skill that was once part of every punter's toolkit and presented a shining example of it. That skill is in not punting straight away, but angling the punt so that it goes out of bounds at the furthest possible point. This eliminates the possibility of a punishing return. Mr. Ammendola provided a textbook example. It requires kicking for distance as opposed to seeking the greatest hang time. Hang time -- fair catch and all that jazz -- doesn't matter if the kick is properly angled to the sideline. Who knows? Along with punters
  9. Unfortunately politics and sports, professional sports, do overlap at times. This morning's news about Mr. William Belichick and the Medal of Freedom will serve as a current example. Our best response, when all's said and done, might be to simply compartmentalize such things and not let them interfere nor color our views of our favorite teams and players. Regards, stay safe 'n well.
  10. Seems to me that the companion question to the topic query is, "What single position is most in need of a replacement?" Go, Jets!
  11. Mr. Samuel Darnold can become the QB of a mid-level team with sufficient coaching. Mr. Sam Flacco remains a serviceable replacement on the sidelines. That takes care of the next couple of years. Play-calling and the make-up of the offensive team can be tweaked to make use of Mr. Darnold's strong points. For the future, though, a new prospect's not to be foregone. If the team's to be adjusted to suit Mr. Darnold, the new QB should also fit that pattern. Otherwise, a re-tweaking's needed all over again. The defensive team, on the other hand, is not all that bad. In fact,
  12. If Mr. Samuel Darnold is to continue on as the starting QB for the New Jersey Jets, his limitations, as noted in a post above, have to be dealt with. They are a certain degree of fragility and a tendency to either fumble or get himself sacked. This can be of minor concern if he's taught to start a 5 second countdown clock running in his head as soon as the ball is snapped. His job is to get rid of the ball, one way or the other, before that clock reaches zero. Ref: 1st half, Super Bowl III. Go, Jets!
  13. OK. So the New Jersey Jets may not get first pick. That means they will not get a disgruntled, over-paid player who does his best to get traded. There may be some lessons to learn from the book, 'Money Ball'. A really good look at the team -- offense, defense and special teams -- will uncover some pretty good players. There may be others who can be moved with profit to a different position. Then, what to do is to locate players who will 'fit'. Needed is a QB who is sturdy enough to last a season. One who will fit with the capabilities of the offensive squad will add much to the pos
  14. Though I haven't crunched the numbers for this, I suspect that even a losing team with a record approaching that of the New Jersey Jets will show improvement in the last few games of the season. Next year's paychecks are on the line, nu? Go, Jets!
  15. The other day I was listening to a sports 'show' on the radio [Radio's kinda like TV where the picture's out but the sound continues.] In between commercials, discussions about themselves and giving the latest betting odds, a couple of the commenters noted that the present status of the New Jersey Jets results in topsy-turvy rooting. Jets fans would like to root for their team, but first they must root for another team to win so that the Jets can safely win a game without losing that all-important first draft pick. '“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice'. Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventure
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