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    Tottenville, S.I., NYC
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    Many and varied.

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    Tottenville, Staten Island
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    Photography, writing, woodworking, stamp collecting, cooking, many others.
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    Retired chemist

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Nothing has yet surpassed listening to Super Bowl III on the radio.
  • Do you have season tickets?
    No. I've never attended a professional football game.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Sure was!

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A retired scientist and something of an old geezer, I content myself with puttering about and watching the passing parade from my virtual front porch. My Lady watches my back, and I hers. It's proven to be a good arrangement. My first job when I left grad school was as the chemist at the Port Reading refinery of Hess Oil or, as it was in those days, Hess Trading and Transport. It was my first experience with a 24/7/365 industry.

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