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  1. Hi! That's not on my list of fave snacks. Sorry 'bout that. Regards, holiday's best to you and yours.
  2. Yup! That first draft pick makes traitors of us all! Regards, holiday's best to you and yours.
  3. Modern professional sports is record-happy; 'That's the 11th time the pitcher has gone to the rosin bag in the 6th inning -- a new club record!" Among records are streaks: "The left fielder has scratched his crotch for 37 consecutive innings!" [Ed.: Perhaps you're a tad tired of listening to the record blather by the commenters on radio and TV.] 'Nuff. We've two streaks going in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a winning streak and the New Jersey Jets, well, they've got one going, too. The Jet's streak is different, though. I doubt there are many fans rooting for it to cont
  4. Hi, 'Defense Wins Championships'! Willie Shakespeare asked, "What's in a name?" a long time ago. It remains a valid question today. We could also ask, "What's in a team?". Let's see. A team can move to another city. [The 'Brooklyn' Dodgers.] The owners can change. The name can change [Washington Football Team]. Over a period of time the players and the coaching staff changes. I doubt if there's anyone in the Jet's organization, top to bottom, who was there when Leon Hess, whom I worked for years ago, bought the New York Titans and renamed them. Uniforms can change. So w
  5. Hi! Unfortunately, I've no experience with Hebrew. That makes your comment a tad difficult for me to understand. Regards, stay safe 'n well.
  6. The New Jersey Jets have 5 more games to play. A quick check of their opponents for weeks 13-17 is not exactly encouraging. The probability of the Jets joining that select group of teams which have played a winless season will increase with each passing week. Go, Jets!
  7. The New Jersey Jets remain one of the two most consistent teams in the NFL. The other? The Pittsburg Steelers. Meanwhile, Mr. Patrick Mahomes continues to tear up the turf with his very watchable performances. Unless I'm missing something, it seems as if opposing QB's kick their own games up a notch, too. Mr. Thomas Brady certainly had his moments last night. Go, Jets!
  8. The New Jersey Jets are scheduled for another loss this coming Sunday, 11/29, against Miami. We may well be treated again to an interception of a pass in the closing minutes of the game, with Miami boringly running out the clock. That the Jets need a QB who will A. stay healthy and B. get the dog walked is a given. The trick, of course, will be to find one who won't get disgruntled by a team which, not to belittle it, is something less than the greatest. There will be a team willing to accept Mr. Samuel Darnold, though it may not be a very profitable transaction. Meanwhile, we can watch as the
  9. Wrap-up of the Jets/Chargers game: The New Jersey Jets remain, along with the Steelers, one of the two consistent teams in the NFL. Go, Jets!
  10. We can at least be thankful that the New jersey Jets will not win a game this week [Week 10]. Go, Jets!
  11. The Patriots 2020/1 are not the Patriots of yesteryear. The NJ Jets proved that last night. That said, the Jets also demonstrated that with a few good breaks and a somewhat better team they have a shot at respectability as a so-so team rather than what they have been until now: the League's doormat. Play-calling showed a definite improvement. Whether the play-calling was essentially the same but matched better with Mr. Joseph Flacco's particular skill toolkit is a good topic for discussion. With a 'lost' season now in the books, the Jets have the freedom to try out a number of chan
  12. If the predictions of those supposedly in the know are correct [Jets down by 10 points, Giants down by 3 points,] we'll find our two local New Jersey NFL teams with a combined total w/l of 1/17 at the end of Week 9. I believe this to be a 'first'. That, at least, makes something out of [almost] nothing. Go, Jets!
  13. A factor that, perhaps, isn't given sufficient weight is that the Patriots team will have to face Mr. William Belichick in the locker room at game's end. He will not be what you would call a happy puppy should the Patriots lose. Regards, stay safe 'n well. Go, Jets!
  14. It may be that Mr. Daniel Jones' biggest fans are the defensive backs of the teams that play against him. He certainly hands them [Ed.: C'mon, man. Be precise. He throws them ...] a couple of good reasons every game. Go, Jets!
  15. No matter how you shake it, our two local New Jersey NFL teams are 1 and 16 combined. The biggest question I have, going forward, is how will each of them engineer a loss next game? Go, Jets!
  16. Team loyalty aside, Mr. Patrick Mahomes is an exciting QB to watch. The team surrounding him nicely complements his extraordinary abilities. Too bad the Jets had to play against him. It took something away, for Jets fans, from simply sitting back and watching him do things 'with a will', as the old seaman's phrase goes.
  17. Some are pinning their hopes on a 1st round QB pick. There's considerations on both sides of that scenario. First is that a top-flight QB can be the makings of a winner. The best present example, though a negative one, is the Patriots minus Mr. Thomas Brady. It's not possible, I think, to come up with another reason for the difference between the performance of the 2019 and 2020 Patriots. Then there's the question of whether a great QB can make a real difference if not supported, at least in part, by a team built to utilize his strengths and compensate for his weaknesses. Add in a
  18. The Chiefs were as expected in offense. The team seems to at times sleepwalk through the first half. Halftime, though, they get outside a good strong cup of coffee and really wake up. The Jets, meanwhile, tend toward the opposite. The offense can start off a game looking like a 8-8 team, but it's soon obvious that something happens to their ability whenever they reach the red zone. In the second half the Jets lose interest in scoring. Were a Jets game a boxing match, I'd expect the umpire, somewhere in the second half, to throw his arms around the Jets QB and wave off the rest of the game. But
  19. Hi! I'm kind of a polite guy. I certainly wouldn't call you 'crazy'. That said, I would probably maintain physical distance from you for more than concern about the Covid-19 virus, Regards, enjoy the game. Go, Jets!
  20. Hi! Not to get too deep into the weeds, but there are criteria one can use for evaluating a QB that have little or nothing to do with his particular team or a season in general. All QB's face, more or less, the same defenses. How about, for a starter, completed passes, yards rushing [by the QB!], sacks and fumbles? Yes, sacks are somewhat dependent on the front offensive line, but a QB should be able to compensate by re-setting the 'get rid of the ball' clock in his head. Best to you and yours. Jo, Jets!
  21. This morning [11/1/2020] on a sports talk show, one of the people noted that the Jets QB is in his 3rd pro year. The third year. It got me thinking. [Ed.: Yes, ladies and germs, he does take a stab at it now and then.] How long should it take a team to evaluate a QB or, for that matter, a player in any other position, before making a yay/nay decision? Or, perhaps to put it another way, if the Jets are in the third year of evaluating their starting QB, is the decision already a 'nay'? Go, Jets.
  22. If we could have our 'druthers, the ultimate Jets game for us would be a Super Bowl win, right? That would top all. There might, though, be other games which would be super-interesting as games. How about the last Jets game of the season being against the only other team in the race for first draft pick? That would be, in the vernacular, something else. It could result in some really unusual plays., not to mention a lot of hooting and hollering afterwards about the Jets' game plan. Go, Jets!
  23. There's a secondary cost which goes along with the salary of the starting QB. If the team is to win, a back-up QB is also required. The importance of having a good back-up QB is directly proportional to the fragility of the starting QB. You don't need much of a back-up if your starter's an iron man. Go, Jets!
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