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  1. @Munchmemory: Hi! It's interesting to start a thread that's outside the box and then see where it goes. Hopefully, this gave a few folks a couple of moments away from the many problems the Jets are presently facing. Regards, stay safe 'n well. Go, Jets!
  2. Um ... he's lost weight and hasn't dyed his hair lately? Regards! Go, Jets!
  3. It's a good snack. There's chemistry involved, too. Hot Buffalo wings are hot because of capsicum, the hot chemical in peppers. It's oil soluble, not water soluble. So ... a blue cheese dip is rich in oil. It removes the capsicum from the mouth. Golly gee whiz, Mr. Science! Enjoy the games and the snacks!
  4. That's not who I think it is, is it? Regards. Go, Jets!
  5. Hi! For what it's worth, I share your pain. Gout stops me from taking that particular analgesic in a meaningful dose, though. Go, Jets!
  6. That BBQ's a great thing to be a part of. Hat's off to you. Home-made snacks are more bang for the buck, and that's for sure. With a bit of planning you can do the kitchen stuff during half-time or one of those ever-longer commercial breaks. All the best. Go, Jets!
  7. Hi! Thanks for taking time to respond to my comment. Best to you and yours. Go, Jets!
  8. I note that the name of Mr. Samuel Darnold isn't on your list. Regards. Go, Jets!
  9. Hi! Nothing wrong with a good laugh. It's 'specially useful this Jets season. Have a great weekend. Go, Jets!
  10. Thanks! Sounds good! And different, too. Hope folks know that 'tartar' isn't 'tartare'. Best to you and yours. Go, Jets!
  11. Hi! Thanks for the response. That, too. 'Specially when a TD's called back because of a holding penalty! Regards. Go, Jets!
  12. OK, OK. I'm sure there are lots of folks who don't snack while watching a Jets game. They're Jets fans, too! Love 'em all! Go, Jets!
  13. Hi! You may well be right! I may well be one of the stranger posters, too! Go, Jets!
  14. A Jets game is a great excuse to nibble away on snacks. Those that are home made are fun to make as well as eat. One of our fave's are pigs in blankets using mini wieners and crescent roll dough. Another uses tortilla 'scoops'. We whip up some highly spiced chopped meat. It's added to the shells along with some left-over red sauce. Each scoop is topped with a small bit of cheese. [An individual slice of American cheese cut into ninths works well.] The scoops are put onto a greased or oil-sprayed tray and popped under the broiler 'til the cheese melts. Anyone out there got a home-ma
  15. Hi! I think there's a brotherhood of sorts among all those who get away from Everyday by watching pro football. For a couple of hours, he's [Everyday] left outside the front door, cooling his heels. The world shrinks to a swath of green 100 yards long by 160 feet wide and the area immediately surrounding it. Nothing else matters. It's colorful, exciting, and a great opportunity to snack. Who could ask for more? [Ed.: A home team win's nice, once in a while.] Regards! Side note. I worked for Mr. Leon Hess during the time he bought the Titans and changed them
  16. Wow! My little tongue-in-cheek bit of nonsense took off in directions I couldn't have predicted. It played off on something that I'm starting to get a bit concerned over. That's the greater and greater part that gambling odds are playing in how the game is viewed and reported. Air time devoted to whether a team will 'cover the spread' or the game go over or under the predicted total score is time taken away from discussion of the teams, their players, and the game itself. Meanwhile the Jets, which I've followed since their Titan days, are struggling. A re-build's needed
  17. Hi! Delightful post. Whatever kind it is, count me in! Go, Jets! Stay safe 'n well.
  18. Great response! You provided me with a much-needed afternoon grin! Regards, stay safe 'n well -- and don't give up hope for the Jets!
  19. Just kinda figured we could use a chuckle now and then. The jets have a tough one, arguably the toughest of the season, ahead of them in week 8. It'll be rough on us Jets folks.
  20. [Whispers,] You looking for a real long shot? One that will set you up for life? I know this book who'll give you odds on the Jets making it to the Super Bowl. It's your chance to really score the Big One.
  21. There should be no shame attached to losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. I'll watch this game remembering the saying, "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that counts." At game's end the Jets can leave the field with their heads high, knowing they gave their very best and, all things considered, played up to their ability. [Ed.: Or they can leave it as abject losers. It's attitude, man. Attitude. Attitude is reflected in play.]
  22. An offensive team, to win, must be built around the strong and weak points of the QB. Play calling, to win, must be designed around the strengths and weaknesses of the offensive team. Mr. Samuel Darnold is not good at making pass plays which take a long time to set up. Far too often the result's an incomplete pass, a flag, a pick-off or a sack. The front line is not good at protecting Mr. Darnold for a long time. 'Nuf said.
  23. The jets defense did their job in this game. The Bills didn't make it into the end zone. I don't think you can ask more of a defense than that. If one checks the game scores in the league this season, it's relatively easy to see that many teams scored enough in a game to win against an 18 point opponent. The offense, however, while at last managing to score a flag-free touchdown, continued to field a front line that, instead of an Iron Curtain, resembled a sieve. The only thing they didn't do was roll out a red carpet and set up signs which read "This way to the quarterback -->"
  24. Hi! Agreed! I hope Mr. Darnold ends the game in good shape. As I write this the game's just into the 4th quarter. The Jets defensive squad's been a pleasure to watch, for a change. Still far too many flags, but one thing at a time, right? Regards, stay safe 'n well.
  25. There will be some testing going on. Mr. Denzel Mims will be tested. Mr. Samuel Darnold's recuperated shoulder will be tested. And we Jets followers will be tested. Today's game will give us a chance to steel ourselves against the game with the Kansas City Chiefs next week. That game will be a real test of fan loyalty. Stay safe 'n well -- and committed!
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