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  1. I dont see Sam Darnold being a big part of this trade. If the Texans trade for our number 2, its going to be used for a QB. We'll end up having to trade him ourselves.
  2. Would love Ramczyk. Think we could get him for not much draft capital.
  3. First off, just going to say that this is going to be a long one. Alright guys, JD hired Saleh to be our new head coach. With that said, wanted to toy around with the idea of bringing Sam back for another year as that is what all the talking heads are saying. I personally dont see it happening, but if it did, I wouldnt mind the off season turning out as follows. So to start off, I assumed that we will be running the SF West Coast offense which uses more quick easy throws and a blocking scheme that can open good holes for the running game. In the defense, I am assuming that we move to
  4. Was gonna say the same thing, I think Juju turned off a lot of teams with his locker room theatrics. My guess is he will be blacklisted from a lot of organizations unless he comes at a steep discount. That's the only way I see him in a Jets uniform next season.
  5. Just watched his highlights from his 2019 season, he has one of the quickest releases I've seen. It takes him no time to get the ball out when he has decided on his target. Plus he seems very accurate, even on the long ball. Kind of get a boom or bust vibe. I feel like he'll either be the best in this class like Mahomes or be like Haskin and out in two to three seasons. He would be a kid I would feel much more comfortable with if he already had a solid team around him. A little worried about what he could do with the team we'd be able to put around him next year. Connor Rodgers said on the pla
  6. JXN_JET


    haha I wanted him yesterday but after seeing that game I dont want him anywhere near this team.
  7. SF knows they are a QB away from being legitimate. I could see them willing to give up a lot to get who they want.
  8. There is always a QB or two who skyrocket in the predraft process, whether they deserve it or not. I think someone would love to have the opportunity to draft the best QB outside of TL.
  9. Yea I get that. I guess the thought with this was build for a qb next year. Idk give darnold one more shot with the thought process that it probably wont work and we will be taking someone next year.
  10. Ok gonna be a long winded post. This is more of a coping mechanism for me than anything else. This is what I would like to see happen now that the Jets most likely missed out on TL. On Black Monday, Adam Gase and his coaching staff are shot to the moon. I want the local news to be there when we march him and his staff out of the building while being escorted by armed security guards. Next, I would like to hire Brian Daboll or Arthur Smith as head coach with Smith being my favorite to win the job. I think if we get the right pieces in, we could model ourselves off of what the T
  11. I was thinking about this earlier. In this scenario, does Dallas let Dak walk or do they franchise tag him again and then we would have to trade for him.
  12. Unlikely but possible. The odds have us at 29% which I feel is about right. Dont expect anything to change this weekend, it'll come down to week 17.
  13. I dont get the slander. MSN already has a story about how TL missed a bullet because the Jags have Shenault and Clark.
  14. Anyway he falls to us at 25? I see him as a top 15 pick but if he somehow falls, he has to be this pick. Dude catches everything thrown his way.
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