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  1. I have to believe we will be the front runner for hard knocks next season. Can't be it this year because we have a new HC, but with the amount of draft picks, I imagine as long as Wilson looks strong, HBO will want to come here
  2. Saint's definitely reached. I know there was a 60% chance that Leatherwood would have been there for the raiders in the second, I imagine Turner would have been a higher percentage for the Saints in the second.
  3. That Saints pick was crazy to me, idk if they have a second or not but I am almost certain that edge would have been there if they have a second
  4. idk if Lance would be there at 12 but yea I would hate if the Jets gave up so much for a qb who probably won't play for a full season or two. Especially when they look like legitimate contenders when everyone is healthy.
  5. Maybe because I am a MS State fan/alum but I really don't understand the Elijah Moore hype. He's good but I don't think he is anything that couldn't be found in the late 2nd/early 3rd. Jenkins is my pick, lets get this oline finally settled. I think our Wrs are good enough for this next season, and our revamped Oline will give Wilson plenty of time to work with. This allows us to hit CB, LB, Edge, and WR with the first four picks in the first/second. 2023 is already looking like a fun season.
  6. Really dont think we go back to back interior oline at 23 and 34. Would think IOL at 34 and maybe 87 or 104.
  7. I think the cats out of the bag at this point. Probably going to have to get him at 23 if we want him.
  8. 29yo. Would love to lock him up for 2-3 years. Then draft someone at 34 and you can have Hall, Bless, and the rookie learn from him. The other thread said JD hasn’t been talking to the other corners, maybe he was waiting for this news to drop.
  9. Lol I am absolutely fine with this. How many times has the team that "won" the offseason won anything of significance when they get on the field. More often than not, spending a bunch of money leads to regret and years wasted trying to get bad contracts off the books. We aren't spending big money which I am totally fine with. Lets get another receiver like Samuel and maybe a running back and a slot corner and then move on the the draft. We'll be aright boys, we're in good hands.
  10. I dont see Sam Darnold being a big part of this trade. If the Texans trade for our number 2, its going to be used for a QB. We'll end up having to trade him ourselves.
  11. Would love Ramczyk. Think we could get him for not much draft capital.
  12. First off, just going to say that this is going to be a long one. Alright guys, JD hired Saleh to be our new head coach. With that said, wanted to toy around with the idea of bringing Sam back for another year as that is what all the talking heads are saying. I personally dont see it happening, but if it did, I wouldnt mind the off season turning out as follows. So to start off, I assumed that we will be running the SF West Coast offense which uses more quick easy throws and a blocking scheme that can open good holes for the running game. In the defense, I am assuming that we move to
  13. Was gonna say the same thing, I think Juju turned off a lot of teams with his locker room theatrics. My guess is he will be blacklisted from a lot of organizations unless he comes at a steep discount. That's the only way I see him in a Jets uniform next season.
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