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  1. Bud Dupree on one side and maybe someone like Ryan Kerrigan on the other. Kerrigan to a cheap one year deal would be nice until we could draft someone with one of our first in 2022.
  2. I cant see a team taking us lightly if we win a game. Honestly the Miami game is the only one that scares me. If they beat the broncos I could see them being overconfident. The other teams are either so desperate for a win that they give us their best or are fighting so hard for playoff position that they cant afford to lose to us. 0-16 a real possibility.
  3. Yea, its going to be very difficult to get under the cap and still field a team. They probably gonna have at least 40-50 million in dead money next year I would think. Its crazy considering how to post season has played out for them over the last couple of seasons.
  4. This would probably be the situation.
  5. Would love a 2 TD game from Mims and a rushing TD from Perine in a 35-21 loss to the Chargers
  6. I hope Flacco comes back down to earth this week. Chargers should have the film from last week's game so they should know what we are going to try to do.
  7. JD spent a lot of money on McGovern, he wasn't about to draft another center. Now that pick should have been a guard or a wr but I get why he didn't draft a center.
  8. He has some speed but yea he isn't going to be the fastest guy on the field. Super hard runner though, the way he bounces off people is something else.
  9. Yea I would love Moore. This WR looks really good too. Should be able to find someone who can produce.
  10. Yea Im not sure that Jags will be looking to trade up. They are like us and are more than just a qb away from being a good team. I doubt they'd offer what the computer offered unless they really don't like Fields.
  11. Ok guys, This is my second mock draft. I'm honestly addicted to these things. Anyways, the mindset of this draft is what is best for the future of this franchise long term. I think you can see this with my first move. TL is projected as the best QB prospect since Luck. I get it, how could the Jets pass on this guy. But with the Jags (computer generated offer) offers picks 2, 22, 34 along with 2022 1st and 2nd, you almost have to take that. There are so many holes on this team, and the real question isnt TL vs Fields, its TL and the picks we have now or Fields in addition to what the Jags are offering. This ultimately will come down to what JD decides but I went ahead and took the offer. Now I'll try to do a quick rundown of the picks and why I selected them. Pick 2: Justin Fields (QB OSU) - Time has probably run out for SD. We look to reset the clock and select the best QB prospect available at number 2. Would probably be QB1 most years. Pick 22: Wyatt Davis (OG OSU) - The best Guard prospect in this draft. This man is legit and it helps us in the interior. Day one starter. Has familiarity with Fields. Pick 26: Patrick Jones (EDGE Pitt) - Kind of a reach at 26 but the Jets should look to upgrade on the edge. The man has 8 sacks in 8 games. He is having his best season yet. Pick 33: Travis Etienne (RB Clemson) - Needs no introduction. Best RB in this draft. Might not be here at 33. If not, Najee Harris (RB Bama) wouldn't be a bad consolation prize. Pick 34: Chris Olave (WR OSU) - Best receiver at 34. Good height, will need to add mass in the league. Also has familiarity with Fields. Pick 65: Jaycee Horn (CB USCe) - First corner we take. Has skyrocketed up a lot of draft boards. Might be a stretch that he's still here at 65. Pick 89: Josh Myers (OC OSU) - As I'm writing this, I did not realize how many OSU guys I took. Anyways, familiarity with Fields. If he looks legit, maybe move McGovern to guard. Pick 96: Tamorrion Terry (WR FSU) - Redzone option (6'4, 209). 1000 yard receiver in 2019. Struggling this season, but that has more to do with how awful FSU is. Pick 128: Walker Little (OT Stanford) - I remember last year he was getting first round buzz. Has fallen on a lot of boards. Took a flier. Would be awesome if he could be better than Fant. If not depth. Pick 141: Jacoby Stevens (SS/OLB LSU) - Traded down with Broncos from 131 to 141 and added 172. Projected SS in the league, could be someone we use in the box to stop the run. I like Davis/Maye but they are better in coverage. Pick 160: Josh Jobe (CB Bama) - More of a project player, would love to see the competition between Austin, Hall, Horn, and Jobe. Best two win. Pick 172: Ventrell Miller (LB Florida) - Maybe could be a rotational piece at LB. Best you could really hope for at this late of a pick Pick 216 Khyiris Tonga (DT BYU) - I know, not another DT. But this man is massive and DT is a position that works best when you can rotate guys in. 2022: 3 1st, 2 2nds, 2 3rds. Draft does not include what we could get in SD trade. Let me know what you guys think.
  12. As a Miss. State alum I would love Kylin, my concerns are is he likes to come out of games frequently like he's hurt and then trots back in 3-4 plays later. It gets annoying how much he does it. There is also some rumors that he is kind of a locker room diva. But he would be a steal in like the 4-5th round.
  13. I mean if you could move from like 33 to 42 while adding another in the 60s-70s you have to at least consider it. This team has a bunch of holes to fill.
  14. Late first round and early second rounds a prime trade down pieces. I would expect JD to trade down from both of those to add a couple of 3rds. I would expect 10-15 draft picks by the time everything is said and done.
  15. JD has made some mistakes in FA but I think this is our first legit draft in a long time. Starters at LT and WR. A rookie safety that has taken his lumps but has shown potential. Possible starters at CB and guard. He found our punter for the next 10-15 years. And found a decent rotation RB. Still not sure what we have in Morgan and Zuniga but time will tell. Overall Im very happy with this class.

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