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  1. Don’t understand how it took this long for this to come out, but thank god we didn’t extend him. And now, we shouldn’t.
  2. This is depressing. Denver isn't even a great team. And we look like we don't belong on the same field as them. Shame.
  3. Mosley nearly killed Gordon, but the D has to get off the field on 3rd and 9. Sigh.
  4. Just BS that he isn't getting a shot. I understand he may not know the playbook, or all 3 positions. But WE must find out if he is good or not. We can't let another organization find that out. Also, saying it will hurt ZW's development is bullsh*t. Mims must be given a chance.
  5. Not a great claim by any means, but a worthwhile pickup. He's better than Andrews, younger than him, and has a higher cieling. Is it likely he gets there? No. But we aren't the only team to put a claim in. Ravens, Washington, Bears, Miami, and the Jags also all claimed him, per RapSheet. If he shows some promise, you have a depth piece, and if not, he's not on the team next year. Not sure why everyone is so uptight about this pickup. Low risk, moderate reward play here.
  6. LET'S GOOOOOOOO. That is a perfect example how to lose a football game
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