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  1. Instead of Fields doing a second pro day, maybe he should ask to play the Indiana and Northwestern games over again. If you don't convince teams with your first one you don't need a second one. C'mon man. I just think second pro days are a bad look.
  2. He is not the player he was before the hold out. We seen that first hand, so that's how it hurt him. He might win a ring and I hope he does but his play suffered because of the year off. Maybe he will be healthier when he retires.
  3. Any player could be lucky enough to get traded or picked up by a team that makes it to the super bowl and be a non- factor. Bell hurt his career by sitting out that year whether he is in the SB or not.
  4. Watson better look at LeVeon Bell before sitting out. Bell isn't the same player he was since he made his decision to not play. Watson better think about it.
  5. Pettine is due a lot of the blame but King was horrible all day and also #39 for the Packers was out of position seemed like every play. The real blame goes back to draft night for that terrible pick of Jordan Love and not picking someone who could help them this year. Also taking the ball out of Rodgers hands and kicking that field goal was a stupid move.
  6. Rookie,Sam,Stafford in that order. The only thing going for Sam is Gase is no longer there to hurt him more. If they stick with Sam maybe a new HC and OC can get him playing like he should be. But Saleh doesn't seem too keen on that right now unless he is holding back.
  7. Brady isn't the reason Tampa won, the poor play of #'s20 and 39 of the Packers combined with the zebras letting PI go until the end when Rodgers was about to get the ball back. Brady looked his age in the second half and Rodgers out played him. I did like what Bowles did. This SB is ruined and will not be on at my house if the Bills beat the Chiefs. Season can't end soon enough.
  8. I just think that Watson is being too much of a diva. He shouldn't have a say in who the GM is or the head coach. He is getting paid to play, so play. I am getting tired of all these players wanting to take their ball and go home. Time to grow up.
  9. Jake at State Farm and his too small shirts will be happy Sunday night. GreenBay/KC Super Bowl.
  10. I say to stay at #2 get Wilson not Fields and forget all this Watson stuff. Or get Oregon OL and get qb at 23. Maybe Jones.
  11. Haven't seen Wilson much but Fields has not impressed me but everyone has an opinion.
  12. Throws the deep ball better than anyone coming out. I know his team is loaded but he was still impressive in every aspect. If he is there at 23 it would be a shame not to take him. Plus having played for Saban is always a plus from college to pro.
  13. Completely different but wouldn't surprise me. If your playing well or bad I would think you would want to keep playing unless you have a bunch of injuries. The way Aaron Rodgers is playing I'm not sure he needed a week off.
  14. I agree but if I knew I was going to see them in the first round of othe playoffs if I lost to them in week 17 , I wouldn't be resting players. I know they were playing bad at the end of the season but I still think this was a bad move.
  15. The reason Pittsburgh got rolled by the Browns was the decision a week earlier to rest their players. I say, as much as I hate the Browns, serves them right. Your whole team vibe is messed up when you rest your starters and basically give the Browns a playoff spot so I their own fault.
  16. He should just stop talking and realize he is not the player he thinks he is. That whiff on Akers told me what I needed to know. Pretty convenient to cry injury after the fact. C'mon man.
  17. No, not after what I saw against the Rams. Especially the play on the goaline when he just waved at Akers. He looked pretty bad on that play with that bullfighter move. Once Seattle realizes what they have and get rid of him, we might could use him as a backup.
  18. Enough of this going after people who are getting fired. There's a reason that they are losing their jobs. We need someone to put us in a winning situation, not the same ole same ole bull.
  19. Never been a fan. Good player but not a player worth giving up everything to get. He has to have everything perfect in order to win sort of like Dak Prescott, not impressed by him either. Watson is way better than Darnold, but at what price. Maybe too high.
  20. I voted Darnold for one reason, I would like to see what he can do with Gase out of the picture. I think a lot of Sam's problems this year can be traced back to Gase. Gase was so terrible at his job that I think it's a realistic possibility. I also think we need a veteran backup qb, not one that is over the hill but someone to push Sam for the starting job. Fields is not the answer, not impressed so far. Maybe I will be after the Alabama game we will see.
  21. Marvin Lewis would be a terrible hire and it would not surprise me if he gets the job. We have proven we are not good at picking head coaches. Hopefully we learned something and pass on ole Marv.
  22. Did you see the Jags play Sunday, no way they win either game. I know they were going up against the Ravens but their qb is horrible. Trevor might as well pack his bags for sunny Florida.
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