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  1. I don't think the book is totally closed on Sam Darnold. I remember Jim Plunkett. Rated by many experts at the time as the greatest QB to come out of college. First pick in the draft by the Patriots it almost killed his career the Pats were pathetic. His first three seasons he was sacked 112 times. His second season was very Darnold like 8 TD's and 25 Interceptions. After 4 1/2 years of being a tackling dummy he was traded to the 49 er's. Wish we could get the deal the Pats got. 2 #1's in the upcoming draft then the #1 the next year and the #2. The 49er's also tossed in QB Tom Owen. In 1976 the Pats 3 #1's were Pete Brock, Tim Fox and Mike Haynes. 1977 Raymond Claiborne and Horace Ivory. Hope Trevor doesn't go through what Plunkett went through.

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    19 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    I think a few of these guys in positions that the draft has some real talent will drop due to opting out, maybe not drop far but will get draft lower than if they had played.  Guys like Ja.Marr chase.  Terence marshal has now also just opted out, mistake if you ask me.

    The PAC-12 is a mess as most teams have played 3 games. My alma mater Arizona State is 0-1 w/two canceled games. Led by former Jet HC Herm Edwards. Blew the game as they mishandled an on side kick w/seconds on the clock. Evaluating talent in the PAC-12 will be interesting.

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  3. This is not going to be an easy draft. Quite a few of the top players this year opted out of playing. I addition w/the limited schedules it seems it's going to be a bit harder to evaluate. Also does anyone know how many Bowl games are scheduled this year? Potential for some hidden gems or busts in this years draft. I think it's going to be a tough year to evaluate talent especially among some of the lesser known players. Won't be a lot of film.

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  4. Think back 55 years and the Baltimore Colts. Both John Unitas and backup Gary Cuozzo both went down. Enter Tom Matte RB. Beat the LA Rams in his first game. Lost on a controversial FG by Don Chandler of the Green Bay Packers to go to the Championship game and beat Dallas 35-3 in the infamous Runner-Up Bowl which the players aptly named it the "Toilet Bowl". Tom Matte threw 2 TD's and was named MVP of the game. Matte was the QB for Ohio State but he told Woody Hayes he didn't want to do it because he wasn't very good at throwing the football. Hayes told him no big deal we don't throw much anyway. Out of Matte's 3 game two changes happened. Matte was the first QB to use a wristband to call the plays. Something you see on every QB today. Also they gave more hight to the goalposts. When Don Chandler kicked the game winning FG against the Colts it went wide but the goal posts were so short it was hard to tell. As a result you see longer goalposts.

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  5. I've been a fan of this team since 1960. I had one glorious moment when I was at the game w/my late father and the Jets defeated the Raiders to go to the Super Bowl. As far as a new HC is concerned lots of graves in the Jets graveyard. Out of 60 years of operation we've had only three coaches that have achieved at least a .500 record. Parcells, Al Groh, and Sammy Baugh. My prayers are w/the next HC. Hope he turns it around.

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