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    long time Jets fan that wants to see this team contend again
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    sports blogger

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    28-21 Jets over Patriots in January 2011 in Foxboro.
    Also a few years ago getting to meet my favorite Jet of all time Curtis Martin # 28 he is very humble and a great person.
  • Do you have season tickets?
    Oh thank God no why would I want to see this team in person 8 times a season. I maybe go to one game
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    There are a lot of those moments. Probably when we were so close in both AFC Championship games and we lost both.
    Also when Rex Ryan pissed off the Giants with his talk and they got trounced and knocked out of playoff contention on Christmas eve.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    all of the girls on that squad are equally attractive
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    No I was not around but I do hope to see one in my lifetime won
  1. LoL and Gase would get a great endorsement from Christopher Johnson the Jets owner not the former NFL running back who has the same name.
  2. I might show up to the Home Opener or the Pats game or the game we play Tampa Bay & Tom Brady. Give me a relevant winning record this season and see where it goes. If I have to wear a mask still I will wear a mask. Whatever it takes to see live sports in person again which I have missed a lot these past few months.
  3. I believe that too. Joe Douglas has to give Darnold a competent HC & some more quality receivers and a few offensive lineman. Douglas must have a great draft again and spend the abundance of money wisely on help for Darnold.
  4. I would hire him if I was Joe Douglas. Marvin Lewis has a 131-122-2 record and won 4 AFC North titles and made the playoffs 7 times. He didn't win a playoff game because Cincinnati Bengals stink worse then the Jets as an organization and Andy Dalton stinks at QB. I appreciate that he does have NFL coaching experience and that he is proven and can do what it takes to win since he won with the Bengals another organization that has not won anything since Boomer Esiason was there. I would support this hire. Go Jets!
  5. Rex Ryan is my least favorite coach because he was all talk no action. Mangini in my mind gets the credit for the 09&10 seasons for helping construct a contending team. Rex and his fat ass fell into a good team. I'm glad he failed here and was fired and 2011 was his eternal downfall when he pissed off the Blue New York Giants and lost on December 24th in 2011. Now he's talking on ESPN and unlistenable. He was the biggest "Bust" as a HC this franchise has seen.
  6. Why have the hapless lousy crappy Jets not fired this clown yet. I turned the game off the last few minutes of the 3rd quarter. What a boring game it was with a boring offensive game plan. It's evident now that this team is going to go winless for the rest of the season. so damn unwatchable.
  7. In my opinion MM is the worst reporter for the Jets in history with all of his "anonymous sources" and his vendetta articles that he posted about Jets personnel that didn't like him or give him the info he needed. I feel bad for Charles Mcdonald who had to deal with Manish Mehta after Mehta got his credentials revoked because he weirdly texted Joe Douglas about one of his kids eating ice cream at a baseball game. I'm glad the Jets aren't letting him back after that what he did was very disturbing in so many ways. Maybe MM can go write for a company more suited for his article writing like a TM
  8. I beg to differ man Sam Darnold is not the biggest bust and he is not even a bust how bout you do your research before you post idiotic things like this. Vernon Gholston who recorded 0 sacks in Jets history is the biggest bust ever in franchise history. The 12 picks that they let Idzik make were 12 big busts all together. Sam Darnold is definitley not a bust he is a "work in progress" since he had to deal with the worst Jets head coach in history in Adam Gase and he has absolutley no one to throw to except for Crowder and now Mims appears in the picture. I want the Jets to keep him and bu
  9. Everyone complained when they lost Robby Anderson in free agency. Denzel Mims is the next best thing plus he is younger and shows a lot of promise.
  10. I would slot the Jets fanbase behind the Chiefs at # 5 because our fanbase is better then the Dallas Fraudulent Cowboys legion of bandwagon fans from the 1990's. To me the best fans are the Green Bay Packers fanbase since they live in that little small town in the middle of Wisconsin and most of them live next to the stadium. Jet fans can be rough lol and get impatient for example the former WFAN host Joe Benigno "Oh the pain". The Johnson brothers are the worst in the NFL with Jerry Jones close behind along with Dan Snyder.
  11. Yes I am a real fan of the Jets it's very difficult to root for right now that's for sure. I have been rooting for this team since 2003 so that's 17.5 years. I want the Jets to win games in the upcoming weeks. This Gase clown needs to go far away and they really need to find the right fit for this team at head coach or the team won't get it right for another decade. I still believe in Sam Darnold and the Jets have partially ruined him but there is still enough time to salvage his career with Douglas hopefully building more around him and drafting well. This season was Gases fault because of hi
  12. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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