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  1. I would trade back and aquire assets. This way if we fall in love with a guy next year we can use our Seattle pick to trade up and bring the guy into a situation that has players around him opposed to throwing to wilderness
  2. Agreed, IMO I think that defensive head coaches tend to do a better job at managing the team as a whole while setting a tone and letting the offensive coordinators focus on their gamelans
  3. I like this option because at least if sam sucks again, we draft a qb in the draft after and he comes into a good spot
  4. TLAW literally said he would go wherever, why are people talking this into existence. Look, we all now how disastrous the jets have been the past ten years but they are not as historically bad as people would like to think. They are also on par if not better than teams near the top. Where do they think Trevor will force himself to? The Ravens? New England? at this rate it is the jets or the jags
  5. I could very well see this happening sadly, Christopher has a real affinity for him and trusts his opinion
  6. I do not see it. Would be hard for a new QB to take control of the room with so many of Sams allies there. Many players on the team probably feel as if the organization screwed sam over.
  7. There is no way they could be practicing hard. How could one even listen to this guy tell them to do a drill?
  8. I like what your saying because I think a dynamic playmaker does make a QB's life easier. However, I think all of this influx of talent at the RB position just shows you that its not that hard to find a great RB. Think about how many good ones there are in the NFL rn. Do we really need to take one w a premium pick? After all a lot of good running backs were found in mid rounds
  9. I actually like carton and Roberts but I agree that the weekend guys would be better suited
  10. of course I would absolutely love to see belicheks face losing to an 0-15. Also as much pain as this team brings me I do miss rooting for them to win a game. Not being able to root for your team takes an emotional toll on you as a fan
  11. I see a lot of Justin Herbert strictly based off of physical makeup but I do not think that holds for too much. (Darnold/Rogers/Stafford/every other 6-2/6-3 qb
  12. Worst show in WFAN history is a little much. I think Maggie and Bart was a worse show personally. However, Carton and Roberts is the type of show where the more you listen the better it gets because the show is based off of their personalities a lot more than sports talk. Like you actually have to look forward to hearing them talk. Show got a huge bump in rating since Joe B left. I was a big fan of Joe B's rants even though I do not think he understood anything about the modern NFL.
  13. I think the hatred started towards the Johnsons, then it was really set off with Rex Ryan. There is also the spy gate issue thrown in there as well.

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