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  1. Height of Magazines Definitely a little before my generation (I’m 21) but I got to see them for a bit and can easily say I prefer them over any social media. Nothing like the thrill of a magazine coming in the mail and actually learn stuff that I didn’t know opposed to just seeing random sources on Twitter on my lunch break
  2. For a team with extra cap space wtf Is the difference in the grand scheme of things just sign the F**KING guys already F**K
  3. Ah the best time of the year…when the preview is always better than the movie. Just kidding (sort of) LFGJ
  4. Seriously it’s about time to just let a player tell you who they are are. If they play bad….they are bad
  5. Only in journalism are people this bad at their jobs and collect paychecks
  6. That or the joe judge thing where he wouldn’t say anybody’s name he would call DJ “the quarterback” WTF is that.
  7. I think it’s more of a possibility than many think. I do not know if I would say top ten pick but top half of the draft I wouldn’t be surprised. Seems a bit hectic over there right now
  8. Agreed 100% people bailing on mims and calling becton soft were sizing him for a gold jacket last year. Like WTF happened this off-season that would warrant that type of 180. I think people just get infatuated by new players and get tired of players they have seen already faster than they should
  9. Mannish really came in clutch with that interview that pretty much forced JD to trade him. One of the best moves this org has made in years. Most productive thing mannish has done for the Jets
  10. Say what you will about Sam - but my goodness does the media love him
  11. I don’t personally put too much stock into these reviews of who looks good in camp and what not. But overall I am happy to see there seems to be a good feel around the team not just a straight “this team stinks” vibe
  12. “Herbert isn’t even in the same league as tuar”
  13. 100% agree how about a new way of thinking that if someone stinks they simply stink
  14. “Blundering incompetent” love to learn a new insult when I can
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