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  1. Love when people complain about the site like they are forced to go on it
  2. Always found scripting plays weird, like do the play calls not adjust for different yardage to get first downs? As in the same play call for 2nd and 7 and 3rd and 1 if play #10 is what # it is? I am very possibly misunderstanding something because that does not make much sense to me
  3. You just wouldn’t hire the salesman, unfortunately we can’t fire our love for these disaster sports teams. It’s crazy people get divorced but won’t fall out of love with teams
  4. I’m 52 years younger than you, which means you will at least get to see one more than me
  5. And think about how the modern NFL has paved the way for offenses to put up better statistics smh
  6. I don’t feel as if the disappointment is with the record imo the rage comes from how bad it’s looked
  7. I think we will learn a lot about the Jets this game. This is the game SOJ always lose. Coming off a huge win, facing a team they have an opportunity to beat and at the very least be competitive with them. If the Jets win this week I think it’s a really good sign things are changing.
  8. Execute, culture, accountability, system, process, a lot of words sports figures like to throw around
  9. Adam gase had three years of coaching experience before he coached a game with the Jets. I thought the criticism of him was over the top at times but there is a different standard when a coach has experience IMO
  10. 100%, frightening the difference between Jets and other lower tier teams
  11. This is exactly what gives Jets fans a bad reputation. I haven’t been impressed with the team either but there is a big difference between a guy with a clueless team in his fifth year coaching versus a guy with a clueless team in his third. Both are bad situations but let’s give salah a chance
  12. I’ll never stop rooting for the team, I don’t remember the last time I missed a minute of a game (except when I left early of this years home opener, I mean can you blame me) but this is the first time where I feel like I don’t even want to watch. I’d rather study for the cpa exam.
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