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  1. Guess its been a slow week at PFF, I mean who actually thinks this list is indicative of anything.
  2. I honestly think if JA didn’t force his way out, JD would have traded him anyway. He was more valuable the way JD wanted to build the team as a trade chip IMO
  3. Yeah like don’t we all have to show up to work lol
  4. I agree, there really isn’t that much of a reason why this team can’t win 7-9 games with improved talent and a year of learning for the coaching staff/players. However, I think the eye ball test should play a key role in this one. I think we will know as fans how to evaluate the season when we watch the games. I know you are what your record says you are, but not all 7 win teams are equal IMO. The gase rookie year they won 7 games, but I thought that season was a disaster. This team can win 6 games and if we see really good things from ZW, the younger players, and close games against tough opponents. I will feel better than if they scrape together some ugly wins, ZW looking terrible and the jets claw to 7-10.
  5. Had the exact same thought, he has to have an appearance fee that this may fall under
  6. Damn, I’m really hoping this guy can be who we saw in his rookie year. He was effective when he was on the field and could really be a huge contributor if he gets it together .
  7. I think he’s not a good NFL player who wouldn’t make most rosters lol but I hope I’m wrong who knows
  8. This contract is very odd when you consider production. I’m seeing 28M guaranteed, curious about the details if this is one of those contracts with high guarantee up front with an easy out similiar to what JD has done.
  9. Wow I love seeing the age variances on this forum, I didn’t even start driving until 2017. First car was a Honda Accord
  10. Agreed, just like how most of us assume lions will be terrible this year when they have added a lot of pieces
  11. IMO jets just have too many “what ifs” attached to them to move out of the bottom until proven otherwise
  12. Any chance you think they considered last year as part of his suspension? Because to me it does not make any sense even for the NFL to have that little consistency in their suspension policies.
  13. Mark Sanchez also had jets winning 13 the Darnold mono year, started the first half of that seasons first gamelooking like a great team, I was dancing around in my college apartment with my friends talking about Super Bowl, then the Mosley injury and the rest is history
  14. If they start out 0-9, there will be pitchforks and torches forget just calling for heads
  15. This is one of the dumber things I’ve seen in awhile and believe me when I say that is saying something
  16. Haha I actually like mike, I’ve told the story on this forum before that I was a landscaper in college at a high end country club that Francesa was a member of, frankly most of the members treated the landscapers terribly and mike and his wife were very friendly, always polite and asked how I was doing all that, he is a much nicer person than when he was on the air and for that I respect him. However, his opinion doesn’t mean much in this regard and anyone who takes this statement as it means something is crazy.
  17. Agree with what your saying, that’s why I said I would prefer the eye test opposed to hard numbers
  18. Mitch trubisky second year is pretty representative of what his career was IMO, his numbers we’re nothing special but somehow found his way into a pro bowl
  19. I think it’s important to say Josh Allen was the exception not the rule. In the last few years you tend to know by year 2 whether the QB is going to be the guy or not. Our expectations should be high, there is plenty of pieces around him, 2nd year in the offense, it’s time to show he can play. I don’t want to put hard numbers into it because I think we will know just by watching whether or not he can be the guy we have been waiting for.
  20. Heart wants the pats, my brain wants the lions
  21. Is this including typical agent fee off the top?
  22. Does anyone else find it strange when writers say things like “a new receiver to play with”? I saw it alot last year when waddle went to the fins as well. Or am I just weird?
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