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  1. No team is giving up a draft pick for Sam Darnold. He'll be signed at a minimum-level contract and be allowed to participate in camp for a team. Then, he'll either win a back-up job or be cut. Probably cut. It's a tough business, and Sam Darnold is not a tough person.
  2. I'd bring in Sanchez so that Trevor has someone to help him navigate through life after the Jets franchise ruins his football career.
  3. If I'm John Elway, I play the game with ten guys on offense. No QB. Just have the center snap the ball to no one.
  4. Wow! I'm new here. I didn't realize you guys were not only experts in NFL Football, but stock market gurus as well! Not only am I going to enjoy the Jets' next run to as Superbowl, I'm going to get wicked rich. Wish I had found this website earlier.
  5. Hello, I'm a big Jets fan. This website seems awesome! Thanks, Roger
  6. Hi, I'm new here. I think the Jets are going to beat the Dolphins this week. The Jets have been playing better over the past three weeks. They could have beaten the Bills, and they really should have beaten both the Patriots and the Chargers. They are on the upswing. They are going to beat Miami, and they may go on to beat Las Vegas as well. I'd feel slightly better about this prediction if our back-up QB was starting, but I think we can win these games even with our starter under center. Jets 19, Dolphins 17.
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