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  1. Not exactly sure why....but Ben Strauss is writing it, and he covers media & sports on a national level.
  2. Trevor is an evangelical Christian. No way he forces a trade because “God has a plan”.
  3. Updates: Not sure if MM is suspended or took PTO. The NYDN editor in chief is going to have a meeting this week about the sports dept.
  4. He never wronged me. No one is perfect. Also it should be worth noting if we’re comparing morals, KFC is not a psycho who approached a child at a baseball game and never was accused of harassing women. He never physically assaulted a GM. He isn’t a bad person. He cheated on his wife. Still messed up, but let’s call a spade a spade.
  5. I know KFC has his transgressions, but he’s actually a friend of mine. It’s honestly not a huge deal. I’m not in sports media anymore. Like I said, have nothing to gain.
  6. Rex Ryan makes me want to run through a brick wall. Adam Gase makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall.
  7. Oh yeah for sure. A lot of my former colleagues did this. I was just starting out. Did it for 5 years. I sold out for more money (and more fun).
  8. In my first journalism job working for USA Today out of college, I made $35k. I’d imagine you make much more as a veteran journalist in a big media market like NY. Capped out making ~$45k. Was not worth the stress/BS for that crappy pay.
  9. https://www.barstoolsports.com/video/3127963/the-goddamn-jets-the-ballad-of-manish-mehta
  10. It’s not gonna happen. Under the Johnson regime of ownership, the Jets have never fired a coach mid-season.
  11. Looks like Dennis Young wrote the article about yesterday’s game. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-darnold-return-dolphins-loss-20201129-qnvjwv32qragbiiaqegipck4bm-story.html
  12. Nah. He’s still there. They might have told him to hold off on covering the Jets, though.
  13. Ehhhh it’s the Daily News. I don’t think the “bad PR” bothers them so much. He got plenty of bad PR with the burner account saga. Unless if the NYDN takes a hard stand against a breach of journalism ethics, I don’t see him leaving. Might get reassigned away from the Jets/NFL so he can get credentials elsewhere. Who knows.
  14. If the Jets’ ownership was competent I wouldn’t be worrying. But it’s the Johnsons....
  15. Winless NFL teams and their FO staff: 2017 Cleveland Browns HC: Retained (Hue Jackson) GM: Fired week 13 2008 Detroit Lions HC: Fired GM: Fired week 4 1976 TB Buccaneers HC: Retained GM: Retained (he was the owner) What does Jets ownership do? Seems like the majority of Jets fans (including myself), want Adam Gase fired and Joe Douglas retained. Are you 100% confident that Joe Douglas is retained and Adam Gase is fired?
  16. Every year, writers need to reapply for credentials to cover a team. He was banned for the rest of the season. They have the right to deny his credentials every season going forward.
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