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  1. I’m guessing Echols to man the outside and Guidry as the slot. Guidry has a year on Carter and played well in PS. Dunn took a step back in live action, he needs a year in the weight room and more learning, same for Pinnock and Carter. Echols looked like the most pro ready of the four I think, and he has the best ball skills, might be a ballhawk type CB. We’ll see but I think whoever it is they start they feel very good about since they let go Bless Austin, and while he wasn’t great he still showed good upside.
  2. They are God awful and close to 90% of the fans agree. There was nothing wrong with the old uniform that Parcells resurrected, that uniform was welcomed almost universally when it was unveiled. Why continue to torture us? Your brother's tenure was a mess, please erase him from our collective memories, what better way than to get rid of those hideous uniforms?
  3. If this is correct: https://www.prosportstransactions.com/football/DraftTrades/Future/Jets.htm Makes sense to trade some of those for 24 picks. Teams will give you a 3rd and a 7th future picks for a present 4th rounder.
  4. Sam will be going on his 4th season now, he has the edge in experience, Zach will start game one just like Sam did as a rookie, who will end up with the better season? And who has the better weapons?
  5. Yeah we build an OL and Perrine will run for 1800 yards, sure. Not happening. You need both, you need to draft stud RB at least once every 5 years so you dont have to spend money getting one through FA. Last real stud RB we drafted was McNeil 40 years ago. Gimme a break, enough of the narrative that any RB will do.
  6. We could've had Mahommes and Dalvin Cook or Alvin Kamara or the RB from Cincy. But we got two strong safeties instead... Back to back.
  7. Please Bell wascwashed up by the time we got him, went to KC and was worse. That dude should retire asap and McCagnan should be rounded up and shot.
  8. Perrine is another McGwire your hair will turn white waiting for that guy to become an elite back... Not happening.
  9. In the end we draft the wrong OL anyway. Might as well get the no brainer stud back. We fck up 90% of our picks. Hard to mess up the top two or three backs. They are always good.
  10. Every year the draft comes around and we ignore RB. Other teams get stud backs and win games with them. We get the McGwires and Perrine's of the world. You sign a FA like Ivory or Bell but by the time you trot them on the field the ankles and knees start to falter, you get the hammys. I dont care if we draft 7 consecutive OLs... I want a stud back for once in my fcking life. Bilal and Leon in the last 20 years and the fans dont complain... Oh and a sprinkle of Shawn Greens, that it! No wonder our offenses always suck.
  11. If Najee is sitting there at 34 you take him and don't look back. This a workhorse back, he can handle 30 carries a game and catch out of the backfield. I agree, we need OL, I would not mind draft 5 OL in this draft.
  12. I know how we all want the team to be complete to then draft a franchise RB, I know the NFL has gone the way of the RBBC. I also know LaFleur will run the SF offense which utilizes zone blocking and athletic linemen to create gaps so that any decent runner can be productive in this system. Its just that I watch Harris and I see a 1500 yard rusher perennial probowler with the ability to catch as well as a receiver out of the backfield. A real weapon who defenses will have to account for and a game breaking guy. We have no game breakers on offense. Maybe if not at 23 then with our second rounder? I want OL really bad but Im thinking 3rd round for a couple of OGs.
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