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  1. Sammy the Pickinpaw cant even hold Penny's jockstrap.
  2. I was the spiritual leader of the Penningtologists... Lol! What times we had, little did i know then that 13 years later we'd be on the same boat. 2008 seems like yesterday.
  3. Plus a first to Houston in 22? Somebody was mentioning 3 first round picks for Watson. I like Watson but 3 ones is too much. I would rather sit at 2 and draft Wilson or Fields. But Houston might be interested in Darnold as a sweetener for their loss. They may think Darnold has some upside still and could develop with a better cast around him.
  4. I tell you what, if Darnold becomes a true franchise QB and wins us a SB, McCagnan will always be a hero in my eyes... (Not happening)
  5. If I'm JD I'm running fast as hell away from Darnold right now and buying myself some time and some leeway.
  6. What if Darnold has another poor season and Wilson or Fields succeed? What then? How do you appease your fanbase? Besides even if Darnold has a bounce back year a 6-10, 7-9 season will be looked at as a success. Why not draft a QB while expectations are so low? GMs want to cement their reputations and they do this by drafting their own guys. They won't say it out loud but they think this way. Thats why the first thing they do when they get hired is do a house cleaning. Whether we like it or not this is a reality, these people have huge egos.
  7. Thats the most logical choice if I'm JD. Why would I burden my new HC with a QB I didnt draft? Why would I risk a total fan insurrection by sticking to a QB who has not proven he can be a franchise QB in 3 years? Yes Darnold might improve, yes he is still young enough to grow and become a good QB, but why would I extend the benefit of the doubt to Darnold and not a rookie QB? Plus if I have any ego at all I would love to be known as the guy who finally drafted a winning QB for the NYJ since Joe Willy Namath So far Darnold is not that guy and if he does become that guy he will always be MCCagnans guy not mine. People will always mumble behind my back that my success was built by McCagnan. No way I pass on a QB at 2 if I'm JD. He can compliment Darnold for gutting out a few wins, but I think Darnold's time in NY has run out. Loved ya kid but its time you pack your bags and go.
  8. I'm for new coach and new QB... If I'm JD, why would I saddle myself with a guy who i did not draft who in the best possible scenario- assuming he has a good 2021 season he will have to pay and extend and sign to a large contract? What if Darnold returns to his old self? What if he becomes injury prone? I mean the guy has missed a ton of time being sick or injured in each of his first three seasons. Darnold is too much of a risk for JD and his new coach. Get that rookie QB and buy yourself and your new coach some time, with Darnold coming into year 4 you cannot have any more excuses, the fanbase will want not only wins but playoffs and they will kill JD for passing on a QB if Darnold fails. With a new QB you will look like a genius if he plays up to expectations. If Darnold plays well he will always be known as McCagnan's guy, that will always tarnish your legacy. To me Darnold presents a big problem to JD. Its a bigger risk to stick with Darnold than to move on from Darnold. Thats a call JD will have to make but of I'm JD I'm pushing the button for a brand new QB for the NYJ, no one will kill the guy for doing that, on the other hand if he passes on QB and Darnold fails, he will get absolutely killed by the NY medianor. Remember: He didnt draft Darnold and he didn't hire Gase nor had any kind of input into that coaching staff. None of whats transpired over the last 3 years can be attributed to JD. JD has a clean slate and if hes smart he will use it properly.
  9. I meant to say Wilson. Fields seems aloof. Didnt like his post game interview after the Indiana game. Didn't like his attitude or his body language.
  10. O'Sullivan nitpckng about one throw. Gimme a break, every QB hangs his receivers out to dry
  11. Fields comes from a good family. The father is a cool guy, hanging out at BYU games and high giving people, don't see the character flaws at all.
  12. Not buying the character concerns at all. That must be the Fields camp putting out disinfo. Or some team who wants him in the mid rounds like NE muddying the water. Happens every year.
  13. If he keeps throwing fir 150 yards with one or two Ints and no He's and completing under 50%. Asking a serious question, what's his value right now and is his his value diminishing every week?

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