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  1. And I think there will be at least 5 possibly more.
  2. I always wanted Williams, the Silver back. We have thrown money at a bunch of bums why not Williams?
  3. Most people would say immediately to move Becton to the right, but wouldnt that break the continuity he built in his rookie year? Mekhi was dominant all year at LT, I would not mess around by moving Mekhi. But if you keep Becon at LT would that upset Sewell? Afterall, right tackles dont make anywhere near enough as left tackles and having a young Becton on the left would condemn Sewell to a life sentence at RT, would Sewell be OK with that?
  4. What happened to Jetswin? Does he post here?
  5. There was a mod I think he went by Klecko73, he loved to ban people for nothing. I complained to no avail, its one of the reasons I stopped posting there. There was SenorGato, Rutgers, Jif, Beerfish, CTM, the Ohio fan who got dumped and got into it in detail at the JI... Poor guy was near suicidal.
  6. What happened to RayRay19? And those two clowns TX and FF?
  7. Who was the guy who would talk to the turd and predict games? He was funny but nobody got it. I think he was drunk or high when he posted but he knew the Jets inside and out. One time he told me he made a fortune cleaning highrise windows in Honololulu, never knew when that dude was joking or serious.
  8. The 2008 civil war in which I was proud to participate and give blood for: Chad vs Kellen. The Kellenites had to eat dick at the end of the season when Chaddycakes stuck it to us at home with his bullsh*t Wildcat. That season totally fcked me up. Going from the best team in the league after we crushed Tennessee at home to a humiliated bunch by week 16 and Chad stomping us and rubbing it in.
  9. You all remember Ham's parting letter right before he got banned? He camled Raoul Duke a French Fried Faggit... Bwahahahahaha!!!
  10. Who's that? Sammy Pickinpaw hoping one day he'll wake up and not see anymore ghosts?
  11. Cool. Im still in Miami doing my thing.
  12. You were there Savage? Damn!!! Thats a long time ago. Matt changed the format and the that place went to sh*t over night. Then it was just KJ and Matt over there. But when It was popping, it was the liveliest Jet site any where. I wonder what happened to Matt? He stayed there and never moved. There was no moderation then and people spoke their mind. The squabbles were legendary.
  13. Exactly but he can do a good job while a rookie learns, better than fcking Joe Flacco or a slapstick like Cruel hand Luke Falk.
  14. And now hes an OG, survivor of the old Greenhouse. Man we had some epic battles with no moderation back then some dude wanted to come look for me in Miami so we could scrap over some Vinny Testaverde sh*t... Bwahahahaha!!!
  15. Wow the game we Mo Lewised Bledsoe and the nightmare of the GOAT was born. I was an active Greenhouser back in them days. 20 years just flew by wow! WTF is that Elvis? You remember when Jerry Glanville use to leave a ticket for Elvis before every Oilers game?
  16. No Curtis Samuel? That dude is a safety blanket for any QB plus he can play RB in a pinch. Reminds me of Antonio Gibson from Washington who was a RB turned WR turned RB. I think Samuel can do the same but obviously has more value as a WR. I like Teddy.
  17. Dude... What year is that? Who is Matt on there?
  18. Would that be a fair trade at this point? Carolina gets to polish a turd, who knows maybe they can squeeze all the upside out of Sam. Jets would get a decent starter not a franchise guy but a guy you could keep around for a long time as a back up. Then go draft a Wilson or a Fields and start Teddy year one while rookie learns. Maybe he could woo Curtis Samuel to come to NY with him. Notva trade everyone would be happy with considering we had Teddy and let him go once and Sam was a 3rd overall pick, but the rancid stench of McCagnan on Sam is just too much to bear, Sam stinks like 7 day past du
  19. What's up CT? Did you also post at the Addicts board?
  20. Whatever happened to Matt and KJ?
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