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  1. Cp561

    Kay Adams!

    This thread is pretty embarrassing
  2. This is unfair to Jamal, he may be a grade A douchebag and totally unlikable but I dont think hes a bad guy
  3. Thats fine but unless I actually see ANY examples of him being a diva I'm not buying it and we can agree to disagree. The fact that a good guy such as Watson is making this much of a stink to get out of Houston, tells me that the Texans organization is truly rotten at the core. He didn't wake up one morning and decide to take this course, this has manifested for a long time now Deshaun's only crime is not wanting to be a Houston Texan. Frankly I can't blame him and I'd welcome him with open arms
  4. Still waiting on those examples that show Watson to be a head case. From everything I've heard hes nothing but a stand up guy
  5. Please give examples of times he has shown to be a headcase? Headcase is strong, I must have missed something
  6. Draft one....? We did that in 2017 how has that worked out. Watson is already a proven commodity at 25, a few years older than Wilson/Fields
  7. I really dont want to get political on this topic, but I really think the biggest factor in Watson wanting out of Houston is their owner, and his... beliefs. Couple that with the fact that the Texans suck and have made very questionable football moves, and Watson sees this as an opportunity to get out of that dumpster fire and not take too much of a PR hit, since everyone agrees the Texans are very very poorly run. I dont think this is the norm at all for Watson, again he has never showed any "diva-like" qualities whatsoever.
  8. If you know anything about Deshaun, this dude is a class act and hasn't ever caused any issues, and nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about the guy. Hes got respect from all his teammates and opponents alike. This is more of a Texans problem, theyre clearly an inept organization and have hit a nerve with Deshaun. Even Andre Johnson who I didnt even know was capable of speech, came out and slammed the Texans. Dont start labeling Deshaun as a malcontent now, hes not going to come to the Jets and cause issues, get serious
  9. Not this year no, but if JD builds around him we can in a few years. We could theoretically have Deshaun for 15 more years if things works out and he stays healthy
  10. Id agree but when a situation like this presents itself you change course. 25 yr old elite QBs in their prime, with no question marks dont ever come loose
  11. Hes 25 , they can build around him in years to come through free agency and the other picks we would still have
  12. We haven't even sniffed the playoffs in a decade... I'll take my chances with Deshaun once he helps us get there

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