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  1. We also picked a decent CB in the 1st rd in the not too distant past named Revis
  2. Thanks man, maybe by the time I've got 11k posts on a message board my grammar will be as good as yours. Here's hoping
  3. Mahomes lost 66-10 to an unranked Iowa state team while in college, what a bum, glad we didn't draft that guy
  4. You would think they would remember it literally happened a year ago with Burrow
  5. This guy brings up a good point. Why didn't Carolina just wait until after the draft? I could see a scenario where somebody like Fields or Jones drops to them at 8. I do think Sam will be pretty good in Carolina, but it does seem they did overpay a little bit. But I suppose if they truly believe in Sam, it's not an overpay at all
  6. It's just a fact. The roster is not good, it's a total rebuild. We may not like it but it is what it is right now.
  7. As good as we think Sam may be (I believe he will be an above average starter in Carolina), the fact is, with the tape he has produced so far, the Jets just would not be able to get more in a trade then they did
  8. Not great, but realistically I don't think the Jets should be expected to be winning many games next year. They need to be competitive next year and show a pulse, and develop Wilson and give him more to work with, so he doesn't get totally screwed like Darnold did
  9. 10 cents on the dollar on statistically the worst starting QB in the NFL? Huh?
  10. Darnold may end up killing it in Carolina, and I do expect him to be an above average starting QB there, but who actually cares what Cimini the hack has got to say?
  11. How can you call anyone else a sad person? You are literally the most sad sack of you know what I've seen on these boards. Yes the jets are an awful franchise. Yes, they failed Sam. Yes its a seemingly endless cycle. Yes they got back cents on the dollar compared to the capital they wasted to get Sam. But what the hell else do you want? They have a new guy who needs to focus on building for the future and move on. And some of us look forward to seeing if he can break the endless cycle of ineptitude But if you feel that the Jets are forever doomed and will never get it right, then go find
  12. That's exactly what he's doing. He wants to be either traded or get a contract and he's gonna cause a stink. I'm all for letting him play his tag out, letting him walk after the year and recouping the pick. Don't let the door his your ass on the way out ✌
  13. Facts. Some guys just love being miserable, that's why I try to just skim the boards for a few minutes and quickly leave. Also just try and ignore a few posters on here who literally only have negative posts. Must suck to live your life as such a sad sap
  14. Stupid logic that thankfully Douglas won't share
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