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  1. As somebody who has lurked these boards for years and read enough of your posts, this is hysterical coming from you
  2. Trust me, I'd like to say a lot more to you than just clown
  3. Only you can put a negative spin on positive news like this. Clown
  4. Why are you getting this upset? Get a grip
  5. Your shtick is getting old man. Every post is the same from you, must suck to be such a miserable guy
  6. A playoff mandate is silly. We'll know by the end of the year whether the franchise is headed in the right direction or not
  7. I understand what you're trying to say but your math is horrifically wrong
  8. Seth Walder was such a douche when he was on the jets beat
  9. I'm very optimistic that our defense will be much improved, but the fact is Lamar is a former MVP and the Jets were the 32nd ranked defense last season. But I hope you're right
  10. Absolutely ridiculous comment. Sorry to break it to you bud but it's pretty likely that Sauce won't "dominate" right out of the gate. Corner is one of the hardest transitions from college to the pros, and for the most part, highly drafted corners usually face struggles out of the gates
  11. Revis was not Revis his rookie year. Huge adjustment period going from Cinci to the NFL, so I expect a potentially bumpy rookie season, although some guys like Surtain last year showed us having an elite rookie year isn't out of the realm of possibility. Still, I'm very fairly confident that in due time Sauce is going to be a hell of an NFL corner
  12. Green bean is my favorite, passionate and a knowledgeable dude, even though I find myself not agreeing with everything he says. The worst is boy Green, guy is just loud and his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Also not funny. Sorry if you read this board, gave it a fair shot
  13. PFF is the actual worst. I remember when Rodgers had a 300 + yard game, 5tds 0 picks and their stupid formula graded him as a negative. And then they tried justifying it, buncha nerds over there
  14. A lot of people here are just miserable, not just because of their jet fanhood but just with their life in general. The draft at least gives the franchise hope. Is it gonna blow up in our face anyways? Is Wilson going to be a bust? Maybe, but I'd like to be hopeful and see how it plays out
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