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  1. He really rubs me the wrong way, seems very unprofessional
  2. The DJ guy is clearly biased against the Jets whether he means to or not. Idk about you guys but if I landed a beat reporter job covering the Pats or fins I would have a hard time not being overly negative whenever given the chance and taking little slights against the team whenever possible. I've been raised to hate those colors/ logos
  3. Trey Lance?? Isn't Jimmy G going to start the year as the starter?
  4. How can you not be excited about Michael Carter? We haven't had a young guy with that kind of talent in the backfield in quite a while
  5. Please go away for a few more months, or years. Thanks
  6. And I like people who click into threads just to complain about said topic. If you don't like the topic don't click into it pretty simple
  7. Obviously we want him to get more sacks, but if he had an identical year this season that he did last, other guys like Rankins, Q, Foley and JFM will end up with high sack #s cleaning up Lawson's pressures.
  8. Nobody forced you click the thread, the title very clearly states that its about "clothes"
  9. Give me a break with this garbage
  10. I was trying to figure out what this guy's deal is, he always seems to have a very subtle, slight slant against the jets in his comments. Then I come to find out hes a dolphins fan and now it makes complete sense. Gotta love the daily news
  11. I'm trying to go to the game in Atlanta this year so I hope not. OP doesn't know anything so moving along
  12. I hate Bill O Brien so much. If Miami wins a super bowl in the next 5 years, BOB needs to receive a ring for his contributions
  13. Cp561

    Starting QB

    Wilson is not sitting out the year get real, that's not the NFL anymore. Let him play, he's got help around him and he is familiar with the system that the Jets will be running. The Jets are not competing for anything next year, fans just have to be patient and realistic (I know, I'm asking for way too much). I'm not against somebody like a Foles starting the first few games, but if the coaching staff feels he's ready after camp and the preseason, let him start week 1
  14. I'm relatively new to this board, but can you really just start threads like this with no substance whenever you want?
  15. Wow man, I've never heard of this word melancholy before. Thank you for defining it for a dumb jet fan such as myself. One day I hope my vocabulary can become as good as yours
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