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  1. I'm trying to go to the game in Atlanta this year so I hope not. OP doesn't know anything so moving along
  2. I hate Bill O Brien so much. If Miami wins a super bowl in the next 5 years, BOB needs to receive a ring for his contributions
  3. Cp561

    Starting QB

    Wilson is not sitting out the year get real, that's not the NFL anymore. Let him play, he's got help around him and he is familiar with the system that the Jets will be running. The Jets are not competing for anything next year, fans just have to be patient and realistic (I know, I'm asking for way too much). I'm not against somebody like a Foles starting the first few games, but if the coaching staff feels he's ready after camp and the preseason, let him start week 1
  4. I'm relatively new to this board, but can you really just start threads like this with no substance whenever you want?
  5. Wow man, I've never heard of this word melancholy before. Thank you for defining it for a dumb jet fan such as myself. One day I hope my vocabulary can become as good as yours
  6. Curious why he wasn't drafted? I remember seeing him being mocked around the 4-6 rounds
  7. People actually losing their mind over 6th rd lottery picks lmao.
  8. Because the TV says S next to their name. This part of the draft is pretty annoying with how fans react.
  9. From what I'm reading he projects to a slot CB in the pros
  10. He knows nothing about the players just like most of us don't. I guess he really thought they were going to only pick offense. How ironic his username is defense wins chips
  11. To all the people freaking out about picking a safety, be is a huge dude for a safety and probably is going to play a lot of LB in nickel packages
  12. They have pick 146 and 154
  13. I watched a lot of this guys games, his ceiling is good backup at best, just does not have the goods for the next level. I wouldn't have touched this guy until maybe the 6th, but that's just me. Payton knows more than me though so let's see
  14. I thought we had 2 3rds, do we really have 3?
  15. Draft is not over, perhaps they really like one of these RBs left on the board. Every year, a few day 3 and even undrafted RBs end up being difference makers. Let's hope JD finds one of these
  16. Sheesh this is quite the stat. In the SEC no less. Think Wilson to Moore will be quite the connection
  17. Bad teams should be picking BPA not reaching for needs, and if it's true that they wanted Moore at 23 if they hadn't traded up, that shows have much they value him. Plus it's not as if this team can't use another weapon to help out Wilson. I wanted Jenkins as well but not complaining about this
  18. Quite a turnaround for the receiver group in just one year
  19. I'm very surprised, he seems like the perfect player for today's NFL, being able to run sideline to sideline, cover and tackle in space. I suppose GMs just don't value his position, but was an amazing pick up by the Browns. Day 1 difference maker
  20. I wouldnt hold my breath, I very much expect an emphasis on defense on day 3. Might be wrong but I dont see an RB taken in round 4 unless they really really like one of them
  21. Woah this is a next level bromance, awesome
  22. I heard an interview with him recently, he seemed like he truly had moved past this incident and felt very bad about it. From all reports he's genuinely a great kid and this seemed like more of a blip than trend
  23. I'd love Jenkins, to me that would theoretically solidify our offense line for years to come, and next draft we can use all those picks on weapons and defense. But I am good with JOK as well, if Saleh loves him and feels he is a perfect will LB for his system, then by all means. If we do decide to trade down, I would prefer if they didn't drop down too far as I feel the first half of this 2nd round still has a lot of premiere talent available
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