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  1. 16 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    JFC, I don't even know know which Michael Carter that is, but either way, man the **** up, Drama Queen, you have 1 year in the league and you were on a 4 win team. WTF did you expect? 


    Did that kid not get enough attention as a toddler? 


    GIF by Giphy QA

    Why are you getting this upset? Get a grip

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  2. On 6/6/2022 at 11:23 AM, Biggs said:

    Not to pour cold water on this thread but...   We have 2 NBA teams, 3 NHL teams, 2 MLB teams and 2 NFL football teams.   It's almost impossible to not be hoisting banners in this city on a yearly basis in at least one sport if we had any competent ownership.  

    Boston with a 25 letter alphabet and 1 team in all 4 sports is beating our brains in on a comparative basis.   As a NYer I have a basic hatred for the Golden State/SF/Oakland Warriors and yet the prospect of another banner being lifted over the fat beer swilling leprechaun is bringing up childhood trauma that apparently I haven't fully suppressed.   I find myself watching Celtic games with a loaded shot gun on my lap and a bottle of cheap whisky in hand.  

    As invested as I'am in the Rangers hoisting another cup, The Mets and Yankees meeting in another subway series and the Jets winning a SB against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucks after vanquishing the NE Patriots in the AFC Championship game in Foxboro, the prospect of another Celtic Championship has me contemplating ending it all.  

    I understand what you're trying to say but your math is horrifically wrong

  3. 15 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    If you want to play that game ... if London sparkles or Thibs dominates... but to discount every draft in history is a sad mistake. It seems like you are saying that this draft is an outlier in history.

    Fact remains the kid was drafted 4 overall ... a slot that does not allow for development... a slot that expects to produce a dominant starter.

    Absolutely ridiculous comment. Sorry to break it to you bud but it's pretty likely that Sauce won't "dominate" right out of the gate. Corner is one of the hardest transitions from college to the pros, and for the most part, highly drafted corners usually face struggles out of the gates

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  4. Revis was not Revis his rookie year. Huge adjustment period going from Cinci to the NFL, so I expect a potentially bumpy rookie season, although some guys like Surtain last year showed us having an elite rookie year isn't out of the realm of possibility. Still, I'm very fairly confident that in due time Sauce is going to be a hell of an NFL corner

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  5. Green bean is my favorite, passionate and a knowledgeable dude, even though I find myself not agreeing with everything he says. 

    The worst is boy Green, guy is just loud and his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Also not funny. Sorry if you read this board, gave it a fair shot

  6. 1 hour ago, johnnysd said:

    I just don't get it. All the continuous sniping and outright hatred. Even the way people approach the support that JD has given Zach. It's not something like "Zach has been given the best chance to succeed of any of the 2021 class QBs" it's always "Zach has no excuses" and "if he fails again he needs to move on" Allen sort of sucked for 2 years but they kept supporting him and now he is elite. Why not be optimistic than just hating on the single most important player on our team. 

    Look at the way Chicago and JAX are supporting their QBs. It is pathetic.

    A lot of people here are just miserable, not just because of their jet fanhood but just with their life in general. The draft at least gives the franchise hope. Is it gonna blow up in our face anyways? Is Wilson going to be a bust? Maybe, but I'd like to be hopeful and see how it plays out

  7. 33 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

    Many of you will disagree I’m sure, but picking a player at #10 tonight instead of having Deebo in the fold is going to be a letdown.

    JD better knock it out of the park with this selection, because rightly or wrongly, if it’s a WR we’re always going to compare the two.

    JD can't force the 49ers to trade him 

  8. 12 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    I’m not buying that the jets are out on thibs.  I do think the top 3 picks will be walker, hutch and eknongwu.  That leaves the jets picking between sauce and thibs and thibs should impact the d more.  It also would allow the jets more flexibility in picking at 10 or in a trade back b/c they’d already have the edge rusher.  If ekongwu/thibs/hutch are the top 3, would the jets pick JJ or sauce, that’s a good question.

    It's impressive how many different ways you can butcher Ekwonu's name lol. But I agree that those will be the top 3 picks, and in this scenario I think I'm leaning Sauce. I've been a Thibs guy but everything I'm hearing is really scaring me. Corner isn't as much of a need but we need to hit on these picks. I'd then look at one of the pass rushers that fall with 35 (Karlaftis maybe?)

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  9. 17 minutes ago, RSJ said:


    Yeah his system is the same. Its one that made Mostert look like an all pro after being cut by 6 teams. Its a great system and I am glad we run it. Hopefully they can evaluate QBs better than the Shanahans. You are right. Berrios isnt as talented as Deebo. But to say he didnt do great in that tole at the end of last season just isnt true. He did and many other players can do as good or better. Not just Deebo.

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    Lol are you the clown on twitter making this same foolish argument? 🤣 go to bed old man

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