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  1. I'm convinced that JD has little penis syndrome. He gets his rocks off by being tough in negotiations. I mean, I get it - Its nice not to be a pushover. But there is a middle ground that he may be missing. Either way, kids in camp now.
  2. No, I said that in response to someone mentioning Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and Watson. The first pre-season game is 2 weeks away. You think he plays if he misses a full week of practices? Or are you just betting he is back to camp tomorrow (if so, I hope you’re right).
  3. You don’t understand how a rookie missing practices (and potentially pre-season games) is different than a HOF QB, or league MVP?
  4. You don’t understand how a rookie missing practices (and potentially pre-season games) is different than a HOF QB, or league MVP?
  5. Two polar opposites, for sure.
  6. If it’s only a day or two, I agree. What if it becomes a week or two?
  7. (whispers) not a single one of those examples are rookies
  8. Let’s say you’re a doctor. There are 3 hospitals in need of your speciality and each want you. One has a reputation for having a tough-ass hiring manager that squabbles over (in the grand scheme of things) the most minor things. The other two are fair but don’t take such a hard-ass approach. The majority of people will choose the non hard-ass. And players are no different. It’s a bad look.
  9. Well said. I posted last week that JD hasn’t done much to show me he is a good GM and people jumped all over me. I stand by my post. A poster above said that this is good for the franchise because it proves that we have a plan and are sticking to it and it shows future players not to try to receive concessions. I disagree. It shows that the franchise is petty and will waste days of rookie camp over a pittance. It’s the complete opposite of professional.
  10. No he doesn’t. Timing is incredibly important at the QB position and he needs every rep that he can get. He needs to be there. Its not going to ruin his career but it’s going to make his first season more complicated than it needs to be and a rookie season is already complicated enough.
  11. Bingo. This is so dumb. Get the kid into camp ASAP.
  12. This comment reminded me of something. I was listening to the radio a few weeks ago and they had one of those stat experts on and they asked him how well WR trades typically work out (they were talking about the Julio Jones trade) and the guy made an interesting comment. He said that in their research they found that a WR trade made a 1 to 3 game difference in wins/losses, but the difference is more for the team LOSING the player and less for the team gaining the player.
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