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  1. If that’s the cost for Stafford, the cost for Watson must be like 10 first rounders lol.
  2. I get it. We all did it with Brady too. He has a “bad” game, which is still better anything Sam has done all year, and we all feel better about pouncing on it. Allen has nearly 400 years of offense and 2 TD’s. It takes Sam like 4 games to reach that.
  3. Why doesn’t their window close within 4 years?
  4. Hope that means the Chiefs window is closed too.
  5. Stats don’t exist in a vacuum. Allen drove the Bills down to the redzone 5 (FIVE) times today. He didn’t get it into the endzone much, but that’s a lot to do with the Chiefs blanketing the Bills WR’s too. I’m not saying he’s played great, but I think it’s disingenuous to say he’s really played poorly.
  6. The Chiefs are just blanketing the Bills WR’s. It’s incredible.
  7. I really don’t think Allen has played that poorly. Every time Romo shows that All-22 view, the Chiefs have the Bills WR’s blanketed.
  8. The pass was near perfect. Hit the receiver right in the hands and popped up. The MVP of this game is the Chiefs DB’s. They’re just blanketing the Bills WR’s. There is no-where for Allen to throw.
  9. I’ve went back and forth on this. A QB needs a team around them and yada yada. But after reading this article today (below), THIS is why getting Watson is the move. There is no more waiting time. There is no more developmental time. Get a proven stud, not some rookie who will be 0-6 against Allen by the time he “develops”. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/22/some-in-the-league-think-josh-allen-has-caught-patrick-mahomes/
  10. Sorry RocketBills. The Bills season is now officially over. They just got the SAR kiss of death.
  11. I think Pack will be the NFC Champion. It took the Saints having 4 (?) turnovers for the Bucs to beat them. Not sure about the AFC. That’s a toss up in my opinion.
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