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  1. That’s a lie, or you can’t read. I’ve made around 10 total posts ever about Mac. I never said Jones is the reason they’re winning. I said Jones is better than Zach. Are you watching Zach today??
  2. Wtf are you talking about? Ive made like 10 total posts ever about Mac Jones. Ive made more posts about how we should have picked Allen instead of Darnold. But i’m right in both situations. We picked the wrong guy BOTH times. You must be one of those guys who thinks if you criticize the team you’re not a fan. Get over yourself.
  3. Downvote me if you want but Zach blows. Meanwhile, Mac Jones looks amazing in NE. Blah blah blah, yeah I know, NE has a better coaching system. Whatever. We should have picked Mac.
  4. That TD throw Mac Jones just threw. Wow. Alright back to this crap now.
  5. Mac is 7/8 for 69 yards and a TD so far tonight. I know, I know … it’s really Belichick throwing the ball for him.
  6. No. Mac Jones’ arm isn’t Josh Allen, but it’s definitely not Pennington: He can move the ball. He threw a 20 yard out last Sunday that was a bullet (that’s one of the biggest tests of arm strength).
  7. Sanchez is raving about Mac Jones right now on Fox.
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