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  1. Saleh would whoop McDermotts ass but i’m pretty sure Allen would twist Wilson into a pretzel.
  2. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-head-coach-rankings-2022-bill-belichick-andy-reid-john-harbaugh
  3. It’s ridiculous that the organization has sunk to such lows that fans are okay with 7 or 8 wins. Teams around the NFL rebuild in 1 or 2 years. Not the Jets! We need a whole 5 year friggin plan. Babies are born, go through their toddler years and then enter kindergarten before our rebuilding plan is expected to show fruit. Think about how crazy that is. - Bills draft Josh Allen and they’re in the playoffs the next season - Bengals draft Burrow and they’re in the playoffs the next season - Seahawks draft Wilson and they’re in the Super Bowl the next season Meanwhile the Jets need a whole kindergardner to figure out what they got.
  4. You are the most optimistic human being i’ve ever met. Makes a me a tad queasy.
  5. Yeah and Goodell is a Bills fan. I’m sure he’s partial.
  6. I’ve just assumed that Lawson will never be the same after that injury. That way I won’t be pissed if it happens. And if he comes back amazing, then that’s great.
  7. The Patriots 1st round draft pick (who was thought to be a 3rd round talent) assumed that it must be a prank when the Patriots called him on draft night. “Is this a prank?” he asked. “They can’t be this stupid”, he probably thought. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/20/cole-strange-asked-is-this-a-prank-when-patriots-called-him-on-draft-night/
  8. I think it was a mistake too. And I think there is a very good chance he falls completely out of the 1st round if JD didn't take him. I think the Chiefs stole Karlaftis and he is going to be a stud.
  9. That pisses me off. Im fine with Sauce, but I feel taking a CB with a top 5 pick is not great value. But to then give him a contract that essentially makes him the #1 overall pick… just horse sh*t.
  10. Yeah I don’t think all of this is a coincidence.
  11. I wonder if this is the week that agents tell players to go to local sporting events for publicity. - There is this video with Wilson and Berrios - There is that video going around on social media of Josh Allen hitting a home run at a baseball game - Tua waiving the flag at FR1 Seems coordinated.
  12. I do remain. Thanks for noticing.
  13. So, Tyreek Hill. Glad he’s not in the division. So. Stefan Diggs. Glad he’s not in the division either.
  14. This is not right. @Steelers Loss Browns WIN (1) @Bears WIN (2) @Dolphins Loss Vikings WIN (3) Bengals Loss Chargers WIN (4) Colts WIN (5) @Broncos WIN (6) @Lions WIN (7) Chiefs WIN (8) @Raiders Loss That's 8 wins and 4 losses. He started 1 other loss, but was injured in the 1st quarter. You're giving him that loss?? Even if you did, they were 8-5 with him and 0-4 without him.
  15. So this is just season tickets minus 1 game? Or? huh. My brain can’t wrap itself around this.
  16. Yes we do. The overall smattering of teams we are facing is average for a schedule. But the PLACEMENT of the teams is what is brutal. Instead of the better teams being spread out, they’re all in a row. One after another after another after another. 8 straight weeks of difficult teams without much of any break.
  17. They were 8-9 because Lamar was out. They we’re 8-4 when Lamar got hurt. Small difference there. And kinda takes the sting out of that sarcasm wasp you had flying there.
  18. Don’t run into many “Nation Director of Scouting”s on LinkedIn.
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