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  1. I wonder if this is the week that agents tell players to go to local sporting events for publicity. - There is this video with Wilson and Berrios - There is that video going around on social media of Josh Allen hitting a home run at a baseball game - Tua waiving the flag at FR1 Seems coordinated.
  2. I do remain. Thanks for noticing.
  3. So, Tyreek Hill. Glad he’s not in the division. So. Stefan Diggs. Glad he’s not in the division either.
  4. This is not right. @Steelers Loss Browns WIN (1) @Bears WIN (2) @Dolphins Loss Vikings WIN (3) Bengals Loss Chargers WIN (4) Colts WIN (5) @Broncos WIN (6) @Lions WIN (7) Chiefs WIN (8) @Raiders Loss That's 8 wins and 4 losses. He started 1 other loss, but was injured in the 1st quarter. You're giving him that loss?? Even if you did, they were 8-5 with him and 0-4 without him.
  5. So this is just season tickets minus 1 game? Or? huh. My brain can’t wrap itself around this.
  6. Yes we do. The overall smattering of teams we are facing is average for a schedule. But the PLACEMENT of the teams is what is brutal. Instead of the better teams being spread out, they’re all in a row. One after another after another after another. 8 straight weeks of difficult teams without much of any break.
  7. They were 8-9 because Lamar was out. They we’re 8-4 when Lamar got hurt. Small difference there. And kinda takes the sting out of that sarcasm wasp you had flying there.
  8. Don’t run into many “Nation Director of Scouting”s on LinkedIn.
  9. You were supposed to make me feel better and convince me that were were going to hit the over. Not agree!!!
  10. That’s not a good thing. Money pouring into the over means Vegas cashes in if the Jets go under.
  11. There is a legitimate chance we go 0-9 to start the season. That is such a BS schedule. The NFL put the hardest teams on our schedule, all in a row.
  12. If this is true, that is a BRUTAL first half of the season.
  13. Well that sucks. Was hoping for an easier game to ease into the season.
  14. Cordarelle Patterson and Calvin Ridley is “no other receivers”? Pitta also led the league in drops for TE’s.
  15. I hope you’re right because I have him for the next 3 years.
  16. I guess we just have different definitions of "very good". To me, 68 receptions and 1 TD is about as "blah" as you can get for a top 10 pick. He had 4 or less receptions in 12 of his games.
  17. If you want me to guess, id say its because you cant really judge drafts less than 3 years old?
  18. Hope you’re right. I have him as a keeper.
  19. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? None of them are proven yet. Kyle Pitts actually pissed me off. I was expecting a big year and he did jack squat for me in fantasy
  20. He actually criticized the Patriots pretty badly. “The Patriots picked a player way higher than the rest of the league projected him to go, and I criticized Bill Belichick for it. Big deal. We all have jobs to do, and sometimes the greatest coach in the game does something I don’t agree with and I point it out.”
  21. Yeah I mentioned that last week and it worried me. Im guessing (based on how he fell), that very few teams (outside the Jets) had a 1st grade on him.
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