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  1. This pick I really like. More than the round 1 picks.
  2. But we didn’t. Jermaine didn’t just accidentally fall from top 10 all the way to the 20’s. He fell because teams didn’t want him. For a reason. I saw the Bills GM say in a roundabout way that he didn’t even have a first round grade on him.
  3. I’m just saying, everyone is freaking out about these picks as if we have any clue how they’ll turn out. Anyone who has been a Jets fan for decades has healthy skepticism of our drafted players actually becoming who they should be. And we still have Bieber at QB and that’s the most important position.
  4. Uh, no… We have zero clue if any of these picks will even pan out yet. They were picked less than 24 hours ago. And we are still in no-man’s land at the most important position. I have zero faith in Justin Bieber at QB.
  5. I’m not as high on the 1st round selections as everyone else seems to be, but let’s see how round 2 goes.
  6. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to move past the fact that he drafted someone who looks like he is 12 years old and built like an old lady, to QB an NFL team. And the kid literally goes to Justin Bieber concerts. Can’t make this stuff up.
  7. It doesn’t disrespect any family or friends because he mentioned a players struggles. Any disrespect felt is the result of a weak mind, not an actual insult.
  8. I disagree. I have no problem with Schefter mentioning his struggles. Football is the only reason any one of us know about him. I dont mind context of his career (the only reason we know him) being shared when he passes. I've also never understood why people write "RIP" or "Their family is in my thoughts". It does nothing.
  9. There is a reason NFL teams didn’t sign Usain Bolt. There is a reason why the NFL isn’t littered with track athletes. No he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t even start. Yes, there is a very weird contingent of media and old timers that like to bring up old players for various reasons. Most of them know they couldn’t compete today but there are political reasons that influence some of this. He wouldn’t even make a team. The NFL is pushing legacy players into the HOF. They’re literally been changing rules to get them in. It’s political.
  10. I dont intend any offense to you personally, but this argument is crazy. No one who played before 1970 can be considered the best of all time or even in the convesation for the best of all time. Anyone who thinks that they can lacks a historical understanding of the NFL and AFL in that time. This was before colleges had scouts in every district of every state in the Country, tracking the very best players in the high school system. Before the NFL had access to the great pool of talent they do now. The NFL was evaluating talent based on newspaper clippings. In other words, the talent pool of the NFL between 1920 and 1950 was pathetic. There are people on this forum that may have made the teams. The first black player wasn't in the NFL until close to 1950. Many had normal jobs and "jobbed in" for the game on the weekend. Know what that means? It means they didnt even practice with their team during the week. To consider Hutson among the greats is an INSULT to the greats. Same with Alworth, but to a slightly lesser extent.
  11. Meh. Rice was great but his stats are really bolstered by longevity (which is its own positive). Breaking it down by season, he is really isnt much higher than the others. Rice averaged 82 receptions and 10 TD's per season. Moss averaged 75 receptions and 12 TD's per season. Fitzgerlald averaged 84 rceptions and 7 TD's per season. Just examples.
  12. Marshall is closer to Antonio Brown than Moss or Owens.
  13. This is stupid. Marshall is not even close to Moss or Owens.
  14. There is no way our prepubescent QB is beating Josh Allen. Not this year. Kid was literally front row at a Justin Bieber concert.
  15. When I first heard that he was being traded, I immediately thought he was going to Buffalo. I was relieved when he went to Miami.
  16. hahahaha Truer words have never been written.
  17. Facts

    DK Metcalf

    I would 100% take Metcalf. Not just because he’s a flashy name but because he’s a big receiver that can go up and get the ball.
  18. 1) Miami. They paid Hill a ton of money and they’ll still finish 2nd place in the division. Bills beat KC last year with Mahomes throwing to Hill. Imagine Buffalo playing Hill with Tua throwing it? Pfft. 2) Browns. Watson is good but not great. And he hasn’t thrown a football (competitively) in over a year and a half. And he might still be suspended. I think Denver might actually be good. Their defense has good players and Russ Wilson is no joke.
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