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  1. It’s for the same exact time frame as the stats you posted, sorry that it doesn’t fit your narrative. Fields stats are undeniably great, though so we’re Dwayne Haskins (** relax I am not saying Fields is Dwayne Haskins, but OU makes QBs look good).
  2. Let’s be clear, I PMed you because you were flooding my notifications on purpose. Back to the gifs
  3. When you combine the release, his off platform throwing, his ability to change trajectories, his anticipation, and his arm strength the total "arm talent package" is elite.... In terms of "QB traits" Fields has elite downfield accuracy, in every other category I would describe him as average to below average. Obviously he is an elite runner at the position, which can mask other deficiencies.
  4. Fields is one of the best downfield throwers I've ever seen... Though the turnover worthy play thing lacks context, Wilson had a 1% turnover worthy rate vs. 3% for fields (fewer attempts).
  5. I didn't tear anyone down and I never said hes the second greatest QB behind Patrick Mahomes. Show me your Darnold cut ups if anyone has these types of plays, which by the way Wilson did on a weekly basis.
  6. show me a blaine gabbert highlight on that level
  7. Yea this guy won't be able to make plays at the next level ...
  8. Thank you for articulating a point rather than posting a dog gif. I feel that you are undervaluing Wilsons arm talent/throwing ability. It is the single most important physical tool for a QB and he is special in that department. If we were talking about Chad Pennington taking advantage of a bad schedule I might agree. The thing with Wilson though is that the arm talent explodes off the screen...
  9. I can't believe I'm taking the bait.... Yes the Mormon no casual fan has heard of is a better marketing opportunity than the guy that beat Trevor Lawrence in the playoffs. Great point. Please explain to me how Wilsons uncle owning Jet Blue helps make him more marketable?
  10. I find it amusing how you position yourself as a rational "offensive line expert" on youtube and then turn around to be a total troll on this forum.
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