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  1. You might be right, but when I watch them both in college Herbert looks like a much more natural and instinctual player. My concern with fields is that he is very mechanical and a tick slow to move and react in general, even when running. It's like he doesn't have great control of his body... Reminds me of markelle fultz playing basketball. Just what I see when comparing the two. I like Fields, and wouldn't be surprised if he turns out the be the best QB in the class if he goes into the right situation.
  2. Can you imagine what would happen to you if you ridiculed Justin fields for the way he looks? Heres the thing about Wilson though, and part of the reason I think hes going to be successful- he doesn’t give a SH!T what you or I think. You see, Wilson doesn’t look like a kid in every photo (see below) but he isn’t insecure enough to curate his Instagram to make him look tough. He could give two sh!ts about looking like a kid. He has confidence in who he is, like Steve young said, doubt this kids grit and toughness and you will look like a fool.
  3. No chance we give up 34 to move up unless it’s to grab Pitts
  4. For context, Patrick Mahomes had almost 1,400 college passing attempts.
  5. Because they removed their biases and took time to learn about the player... I know I did.. Lot's of people here doubted this guy too...
  6. 288 career college pass attempts
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