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  1. How does this team even compete with KC or even buffalo?
  2. He’s a Jordan love type prospect. Look at loved college tape it blows away Wilson
  3. Can’t feel bad for millionaires interviewing millionaires. Open your eyes and focus on real problems people.
  4. Took you an hour to come up with that?
  5. sorry if I hurt your feelings, the truth hurts sometimes.
  6. Watching so much of Fields has revealed to me that Darnolds biggest weakness is pushing the ball down the field. I don’t mean bombs I mean 20-35 yard power throws. By struggle I mean that he rarely ever attempts this throw. Is this an arm strength, mechanical, confidence, scheme, or a surrounding talent issue?
  7. Is he an alpha? Seems pretty goofy to me, likable but goofy. Very rex, was he an alpha?
  8. Being consistently negative is the most gutless way to be a fan. You care more about being right than enjoying the ride. If things work out you can claim to be pleasantly surprised, if not “ya told us so”. Sad, pathetic.
  9. They were a turd when he took over and coached them up to the best defense in the NFL. Staley has never coached offense in his life so I don't see how he can be more well rounded. Saleh did play TE in college. I don't think you understand what the phrase "on paper means". There is literally nothing in Staley's resume that would lead you to believe he is more qualified in the ways you mentioned.
  10. Not sure how you can say he is the best candidate on paper when saleh has 10 more years experience in the NFL and 4 years experience as a coordinator vs. 1 for Staley. Saleh coached up a turd D into a super bowl carrying defense in 2019 and last year a top 5 unit while being decimated with injuries. He also is intimately connected to the best offensive system in the NFL and is able to bring an elite staff to install said system.
  11. The thing about CB and Pass rusher is that you can't really reach for need. If there are STUDS available sure draft them, but the bust rate is so high with those positions that they have to be worth the pick.
  12. He's a good politician. I like Staley but I don't think he can't connect with players like Saleh does. I get some snakey vibes from him.
  13. Clean house I don’t care how good he is or is not

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