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  1. 2 hours ago, legler82 said:


    The following sounds exactly like all the drivel the talking heads are saying about Fields:


    1. Anticipation/Instincts

    This is the biggest concern by far. There are numerous examples where Herbert to doesn’t pull the trigger when he should or his instincts kick in too late.  

    This one sticks out to me because it’s against Auburn in Week 1, a game Oregon should have won. There is a clear window here where Herbert needs to let it loose. He’s got the arm strength to let it fly.

    There are more of these, and they can be glaring when it’s clear he sees a WR open but doesn’t pull the trigger right away.

    2. Flat-out misses 

    Herbert just misses on a ton of throws. Here’s a good example from the Washington State game. The WR just sits in the zone and Herbert overshoots him. There’s nothing more to say. It’s not a good throw. Herbert needs to have more touch on some of these throws. Again, you can find many of these in the film.

    3. Locks on to one read and doesn’t come off

    There are times when Herbert locks on to a route before the snap, and he’s throwing there, even if someone else is open. Is this coaching? Is it Herbert? This is what scouts will need to find out.

    4. Footwork issues 

    I don’t have film for this, so I will rely on Greg Cosell’s scouting report. He’s the best in the business and does a fantastic job of talking about all Herbert’s issues.”



    You might be right, but when I watch them both in college Herbert looks like a much more natural and instinctual player. My concern with fields is that he is very mechanical and a tick slow to move and react in general, even when running. It's like he doesn't have great control of his body... Reminds me of markelle fultz playing basketball. Just what I see when comparing the two. I like Fields, and wouldn't be surprised if he turns out the be the best QB in the class if he goes into the right situation. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, maury77 said:

    Beyond the forum, I'm kind of done with draft coverage in general. 10 years ago it used to be cool because there were a couple of guys on the net that put out good work and on JI we would have good draft discussions (a bunch of those guys are here now). 

    Now, we have a hundred new mock drafts every day, with the proliferation of video on youtube everyone thinks they are Ozzie Newsome breaking down film and 99% of the "draft coverage" we see is gossip and speculation. It's completely oversaturated. 

    then leave

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  3. 9 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    but on a more serious note.  Tell me that you dont have confidence running through your veins like a a junkie who just hit some angel dust when you see this picture of the Jets savior at QB


    Can you imagine what would happen to you if you ridiculed Justin fields for the way he looks?

    Heres the thing about Wilson though, and part of the reason I think hes going to be successful- he doesn’t give a SH!T what you or I think. You see, Wilson doesn’t look like a kid in every photo (see below) but he isn’t insecure enough to curate his Instagram to make him look tough. He could give two sh!ts about looking like a kid. He has confidence in who he is, like Steve young said, doubt this kids grit and toughness and you will look like a fool. 





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  4. 18 minutes ago, football guy said:

    I think the Jets really like Jenkins because he has the qualities they look for in offensive lineman and has the kind of talent to warrant a top 25 pick. The complaint with Becton was also that he needed some work technically, but look at why they valued him... 

    Jenkins has experience playing LT, LG, RG, and RT. Joe Douglas loves that versatility. I think they'd play him at RG short-term, potentially move him to RT long-term. 

    Chances Jets go OLINE at 23 + 34?

  5. 4 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    Right, but there are posters that argue pro Wilson now that wanted nothing to do with him when he first appeared on the scene.  

    Because they removed their biases and took time to learn about the player... I know I did..

    Lot's of people here doubted this guy too... 



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  6. 1 minute ago, legler82 said:

    Whenever a Wilson supporter gives me a stat I have to ask if it’s just for the 2020 season or his career.  Many of you act like he went to college for one year only.  So is that stat you are citing for 2020 or his entire college career.  I put more value on the latter than former.

    It’s for the same exact time frame as the stats you posted, sorry that it doesn’t fit your narrative. Fields stats are undeniably great, though so we’re Dwayne Haskins (** relax I am not saying Fields is Dwayne Haskins, but OU makes QBs look good).

  7. 5 minutes ago, JiF said:

    You're welcome but it's probably the last and fwiw, I have given many well articulated thoughts on all the QB's in this draft worthy of draft selection.  I was one of the first posters on this board to bring up Zach Wilson as a prospect and to hit the pause button on TL as "generational".  The stamps are out there along with the years high value accurate content as proof.  I dont find the need to endlessly repeat myself over and over again about the same things (like his overrated arm) because it's needless, I've said what I had to say.  When you consider the nonsense that I'm having to deal with for simply sharing my incredibly deep well thought-out analysis of each player (ie: guys like you send me PM's telling me that I suck), what's the point of repeating myself?  It's out there for all to see, all I can do is hope I'm wrong.

    The only reason I even gave another take is because I appreciated the question.

    Let’s be clear, I PMed you because you were flooding my notifications on purpose. Back to the gifs

  8. 29 minutes ago, legler82 said:

    IMHO when picking a QB that high in the draft, it’s less about what they are bad at but more about what are their elite traits and/or skills.  I would say his release speed is probably the closest thing that’s elite about him.   Despite what the talking heads are propagating, I do not see elite arm talent, elite arm strength, elite size, elite athleticism, elite processing..etc...etc.

    When you combine the release, his off platform throwing, his ability to change trajectories, his anticipation, and his arm strength the total "arm talent package" is elite.... In terms of "QB traits" Fields has elite downfield accuracy, in every other category I would describe him as average to below average. Obviously he is an elite runner at the position, which can mask other deficiencies. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, legler82 said:

    Numbers say one thing but I saw a lot of jump balls on tape where his WRs made spectacular grabs.  Also I don’t believe his deep accuracy numbers were as “elite” prior to the cup cake schedule.  Fields down field accuracy has been terrific for his entire career.  If avoiding turnover worthy plays are your thing Fields has the advantage there too.


    Fields is one of the best downfield throwers I've ever seen... Though the turnover worthy play thing lacks context, Wilson had a 1% turnover worthy rate vs. 3% for fields (fewer attempts). 

  10. Just now, greenwichjetfan said:

    This is the kind of stuff that makes people cringe at Wilson supporters. It's not enough to like him. No that won't suffice. You have to tear everyone else down and Wilson has to be the second greatest QB in the world behind only Patrick Mahomes. 

    I didn't tear anyone down and I never said hes the second greatest QB behind Patrick Mahomes. Show me your Darnold cut ups if anyone has these types of plays, which by the way Wilson did on a weekly basis. 

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