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  1. What about Dickerson?
  2. Look at what happens when we lose our QB because we wanted to draft a corner instead of another OL.
  3. I haven't heard a single person say that he is a supreme flawless prospect. To me it seems like some are looking for a flawless prospect and immediately call him "all hype trubisky" when they do find a flaw (newsflash every prospect has flaws). He does fade in the pocket too much, he doesn't protect himself when he runs, and he makes some throws that are unnecessary risks. I agree with all of those flaws. But criticizing him for "staring down" receivers who are in a zero 1 on 1 matchup is nonsensical to me. Also, Mahomes was a much less polished prospect than wilson coming out...
  4. Really? Name 10 starting CBs that you would trade a 1st round pick for.
  5. I never called you lazy, I called your comparison lazy, and it is. You've failed to provide any sort of argument for the claims you've made in this thread. You are the only one attacking people.
  6. The only a$$hole here is you for attacking me for disagreeing with something.
  7. Staring down a receiver is staring a receiver down hoping the safety gets out of the way. You can't "stare down" a receiver that is 1 on 1 with no safety help.
  8. Example 1) Wilson identifies single coverage and is waiting for the play to develop, its the perfect read and the play that you would hope your QB can make, he trips over the OL so he can't make the play. Example 2) Again, identifies a 1 on 1 matchup and is hoping to exploit it. Decides the play isn't there and throws it away. A QB is supposed to identify 1 on 1 matchups and take advantage of them. Very rarely is a QB saying "is he open" deep, rather hes saying "is he singled up". In the NFL single coverage = open. This is a good play Example 3) He doesn't see the wide open guy in the middle. It's a trick play which makes a full field read more chaotic and difficult. Example 4) Again, identifies a wide ass open 1 on 1 matchup and makes the throw. That is 100% the right play in that situation. Example 5) Totally disagree with the assessment. To me its pretty damn clear that his first read is the deep receiver, he correctly sees that he is double covered, then is still able to identify the open man in a 1 on 1 matchup after a scramble. To me this is an AWESOME play. Example 6) Again, identifies 1 on 1 matchup and exploits it with a perfect throw. This is what quarterback should do. Example 7) Bad read dangerous throw. To me this analysis lacks a basic understanding of how a quarterback plays the game. These clips show Wilson's ability to read the defense pre snap and identify mismatches/1 on 1 solo opportunities. In the NFL if you have single coverage on a deep route you need to go to it 100/100 times. This is what Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have made a living doing.
  9. Ah I see, deflecting and not backing your ridicolous claims
  10. Break it down then Lombardi
  11. No, they have nothing in common. Trubisky is a bigger athlete with running ability that was more likely to translate to the NFL, he had an average arm but was pretty solid all around in terms of accuracy. Literally flashed no elite traits other than maybe his pure athleticism. You call wilson a “yolo” QB yet trubisky wasn’t that, at all- which one is it? Wilson is on a different level in terms of natural throwing ability and arm strength and ability to throw on the move. He has unique traits that project to elite level play. I don’t disagree that he makes some bad decisions (especially running the ball) and needs some work, but to ignore the special ability this kid shows because he has some flaws is absurd to me.
  12. Dude smith can’t even walk straight I don’t think he’s any better than Hoyer at this point. Guy like minshew would be legit competition
  13. I am 10000% percent against it. I can live with a Swiss cheese secondary If it means keeping our #2 pick QB alive for his rookie year.
  14. “Wilson is 100% hype, no different then Trubisky. “ Totally different players with totally different skill sets and totally different talent levels. What a lazy comparison. If it’s so obvious then you should be ringing the alarm about Douglas because he is evaluating the player as worthy of not only the #2 pick but trading our current starter for him.
  15. Anyone can see what they want to see. Your post history shows that you are not much more than a blind hater for Wilson. Our GM and virtually all of the NFL is extremely high on Wilson because they focus on the body of work and the things he can do. It has nothing to do with hype or being the new toy, these people will never sniff Wilson on their team. Does he have bad plays? Of course, everyone does. Is he perfect right now? Of course not, nobody is. I can make you a super cut or Tom Brady folding like a lawn chair under pressure, does that mean he has bad pocket presence?
  16. Apples and oranges, the point of that thread is literally to find examples of Wilson handling pressure.
  17. I’m skeptical of analysis that focuses on singular plays vs what the player is able to do or does most often. If Wilson routinely shows examples of not locking into receivers and going to through reads often, what exactly is the issue that we are talking about? One of Wilson’s strengths is identifying match ups pre snap and exploiting them, that is a good thing. In one of your examples you critique Wilson for “locking into” and completing a ball to a receiver who has 1 on 1 coverage on the outside, which to me makes no sense.
  18. Doesn't bama run a zone scheme? a 6'6 330 pound dude doing a cartwheel off acl injury is pretty impressive athletically! I'd be happy with either guy A center to me is an extension of the QB and having a rock to grow with Wilson would be awesome.
  19. I see no comparison to Baker other than the swagger. Baker is shorter and much more of a rhythm passer than anything else. He does well in structure and off play action, just a totally different player.
  20. Im not an expert either. But Dickerson is bigger and on the youtube breakdowns I've seen is throwing people around like Becton
  21. Hmm dickerson seems like a much more special pure athlete than Humphrey to me. I'm almost certain hed be the #1 C off the board if not for the ACL
  22. how about Landon Dickerson, could he be the pick at 23? Looks like a quiton nelson type prospect at C, will he be ready for week 1?
  23. Take Wilson at 2, trade him to Atl for #4 overall. Am I doing it right?
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