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  1. ok, Wilson would be 1b on every category, that's the difference.
  2. QB1

    One year wonder

    Dementia is a thing
  3. The Perrine Zuniga and Davis picks were much bigger blunders to me
  4. You should become a panthers fan
  5. GM essentially admits to national media that Wilson is the pick, still argues fields has a chance to be the selection ”Delusional: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument”
  6. no no haven't you heard? @paradis says we are dicks for assuming that Wilson is the pick.
  7. I'm confused, Peter king is the moose right?
  8. No I didn’t. Prescott is being paid because he performed at at elite level. Trubisky is not because he sucks. Where they were drafted is completely irrelevant
  9. No what is annoying is posters ignoring the facts and pretending like something that has a less than 0.01% chance of happening does in fact have a chance to happen. Yes, if Wilson gets struck by lightning and tears his labrum in the next 20 days the pick will be Mac Jones, I agree.
  10. Serious question, are you living under a rock?
  11. isn't jordan palmer his personal QB coach? Same guy that coaches Allen
  12. Completely different situations, other than the Browns owner chatting with Sam's parents there was nothing tangible to indicate that Darnold was the pick. My QB evaluation skills are irrelevant. Common sense of actual events makes it clear that Wilson is the Jets QB. Thinking Fields has a chance of being the pick is equivalent to thinking Trump can still win the election. Delusional. I have no problem with you making an argument that Fields will be the better player, but to think the pick isn't Wilson at this point is completely laughable.
  13. Hey dick, it has nothing to do with which QB I want. It simply has to do with the 100% clear writing on the wall that the Jets are drafting Wilson. Douglas and Saleh at the pro day, the 49ers trading to 3, Young saying that the Jets are commited. I don't understand what more evidence you want. It's obvious.
  14. I have no dog in the race. I like Fields and Wilson, but if you don't see that the Jets and Wilson are locked in I can't help you lol
  15. You are delusional if you think Fields is in play
  16. Sorry what? Is this sarcasm? Prescott has been elite the last two years.
  17. Please explain how the Jets draft history under different regimes has any relevance to our future draft performance.
  18. Are the Jets not allowed to hire a doctor in Utah and have Wilson go in for an xray? Or just fly the team doctor to Utah for a check up? The country is open. This whole officially medical check thing is bizarre to me.
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