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  1. Probably, though I am sure his agent is not happy with the tweet.
  2. They ain't making the playoffs in that division.
  3. False, he will be judged based on his own performance.
  4. I will always root for Darnold as long as Wilson is better.
  5. Sam Darnold in college 27 games 846 attempts 7229 yards 57 TDs 22 ints wilson in college 30 games 837 attempts 7652 yards 56 TDs 15 Ints
  6. Ok now I know this is a schtick, did you bother to watch the coastal Carolina game? (Takes 10 minutes on YouTube).
  7. Not to mention that it’s a terrible analogy. Wilson is much more likely to be a winning lottery ticket than Darnold who has played for 3 years.
  8. What picks we have is irrelevant, having an extra 2 would allow us to pick two OL, or OL and another player. You aren’t making sense.
  9. Do you expect anything different?
  10. Why not draft Sewell at 2 then?
  11. I agree that a second next year may have SLIGHTLY more value and that third this year... but the idea that a 2nd next year has more value than a 2nd this year is absurd.
  12. Yes I would rather have a 2nd rounder this year that We can use on an OL to protect Wilson vs having that pick a year after he tears a labrum because we couldn’t protect him
  13. You made the nonsensical comment that a 2nd rounder next year is worth more than one this year. I can guarantee you that JD would have much rather have gotten a 2nd this year. Now, you can argue that a 2nd next year is better than a 3rd this year for the reasons mentioned.
  14. Laughable and so wrong. If that were they case why not trade this years picks for next year?
  15. Panthers fans hate the move https://www.carolinahuddle.com/topic/169069-panthers-trade-for-sam-darnold/#comments
  16. Yet we all pegged Darnold to Carolina and Wilson has been the pick for a couple of weeks, I get your point tho
  17. dead wrong. watch the coastal carolina game or the washington game from 2019 for examples. watch then talk. thanks fields wont be the pick at 2 because we could trade down to 8 and still get him
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