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  1. yes this was in 2019 I think he's come a long way as a passer, he was also fresh off shoulder surgery. It just shows how he handles pressure
  2. Saleh was jumping around like a school girl during Wilson’s pro day, Sam is done.
  3. He was also 5”11 and an alcoholic douche bag, I really see no similarities
  4. Did you watch? What I mean is that CC was in his face all game and he played very well.
  5. Here is a great video from 2019 showing how he does under pressure. Now he was coming off shoulder surgery and clearly wasn’t as sharp throwing the football as he is now... but look at how he handles himself in a collapsed pocket as BYU is totally overmatched by Washington. I think this kid will be just fine...
  6. Would anything be more jets than Wilson busting and out former QB, WR and potential coach winning the super bowl?
  7. I’d rather take sermon in rd3/4
  8. No but I don’t think half the NFL does either
  9. You’re pretty off in your assessment of his mechanics. He holds the ball low just like mahomes and Rodgers and has easily the fastest release in the draft. There are throws on this video where he is rifling the ball with both feet off the ground so I’m not sure about your leg comment either. Again with the manziel thing, I don’t understand where that is coming from. Manziel had an average NFL arm at best, the epitome of mediocre from a pure talent standpoint.
  10. Bump, everyone should watch and form their own opinions I love the talent and Kid my biggest concerns 1. reckless running the ball, he will be killed doing that in the NFL 2. Had great protection last year, though honestly I think he did better when pressured vs when he had almost too much time. He seems comfortable in a chaotic pocket the few times that did happen 3. A handful of bone headed throws into double /triple coverage. Every QB has these but with our history of turnover prone QBs I can’t help but worry
  11. You realize we are running the 49ers offense right
  12. So if time travel existed and there were people who actually saw live dinosaurs you’d still listen to a paleontologist over them?
  13. So what’s the gist of why Wilson sucks, he appears to be immensely talented
  14. Would you pay to read a sex guide from a virgin?
  15. It does? Putting in work and time no matter the output has value?
  16. Only Tom Shane would mock someone for playing football on a football site
  17. has he ever played football? Has be been employed by a college or professional team? Is he a former scout? Does he have any real world experience? I am honestly asking because he comes off as a con man with a complicated “method” and a paid site. Why can’t you post his rankings and analysis?
  18. Why should anyone care what this guy has to say?
  19. 1. His face 2. he’s rich 3. he’s a Mormon 4. Not a captain 5. has a mom and a dad 6. Had an injury once
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