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  1. Or maybe its the decent thing to do when you are drafting a 22 year old to be the face of your franchise after you're ruined another 20 year old quaterback.
  2. He said the Jets are committed to Wilson and have “recruited” the family, and that is not something you really undo. Everything else is obviously wishful thinking by Young because he loves the player. You sound really really desperate here lol
  3. So we are just going to give away Wilson without squeezing the value of the 2nd pick? Does that sound like what Douglas would do?
  4. Is it? I don't know you sounded highly concerned in your first wo paragraphs and to be honest stopped reading about there.
  5. Dude, he said the Jets and Wilson are commited. He didn't say that Wilson doesn't want to go to the Jets. He simply said that he would love to be a 49er. I am sure he would love to be the QB for many teams, including the Jets.
  6. You don't see how making personnel decisions based on the interests of your agents other clients rather than the benefit of the team would hurt a GMs career? Were you dropped as a child?
  7. Why would Douglas employ an agent that would risk his career to help another one of his clients? Does that make any sense to you?
  8. zzz if you think Douglas is getting strong armed to give away Wilson to the niners you really are clueless.
  9. Give the guy a chance. I was leading the bitch face she man thing early but the guy is quickly turning into a stud. His dad is a 300lb former DL so he will fill in nicely. He’s dreamy.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/byu/.amp/news/zach-wilson-named-2020-polynesian-player-of-the-year
  11. Wait, you guys were still holding out hope that the Jets weren’t taking Wilson? It became official the second the 49ers traded to 3.
  12. Just sharing the video, I feel that it shows his talent. I am for Wilson at 2 but can’t help but see something worth salvaging in that video.
  13. I’m confused, are you suggesting that he left this “clean pocket” too early?
  14. “Clean pocket” with a free rusher up the middle lol
  15. Actually not factual but I get the point
  16. Man I can’t help but be impressed with this film... nothing was easy, OL collapsing nearly every play, throwing to nobody. I’m on the Wilson camp but I wonder what some real coaching and supporting cast do to Darnold.
  17. If by fair you mean incredibly nit picky I agree
  18. What does Darnold look like with real coaching and Pitts as a safety blanket? Heck we can trade down to 4 and pick up even more assets on top of it....
  19. Come on man, that video is one of the most nit picky breakdowns I’ve ever seen.
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