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  1. He questioned Wilson’s non captaincy even after it was debunked. Guy is clueless.
  2. I’m not sure what video you guys watched but he basically admitted he’s going to the Jets... his response to being on the NY papers was “it’s going to be awesome I can’t wait”. He also said he’s excited to flip a team around...
  3. Any sense for how the jets view Wilson vs Sam as pure talents? IE who has the higher ceiling
  4. Every single NFL team would draft Wilson at 2 and about half the league would take him at 1 over Trevor. The pro day was simply a validation of what Wilson showed on tape. It wasn’t just a pro day, it was a show... It displayed his natural throwing talent and arm strength- are we going to pretend like those don’t matter? We are taking Wilson because QB is the most important position, Darnold is a broken player with a bad contract situation and Wilson is a special special talent...
  5. Go back and watch the Darnold pro day side by side, if you don’t see a difference man...
  6. its wilson guys, stop this
  7. what if Sam is good not great?
  8. I'll say it again The Pats have played 20 games a season for the last 20 years and have been fine.
  9. hes simply not the most accurate at all three levels. Just look at any game he is shockingly inaccurate on short throws, sanchez like. He is supremely accurate on deep throws.
  10. There is a reason many love Darnold... he has special skills. But he is mentally broken as a QB, no confidence. Wilson is Darnold with elite arm strength and perfect mechanics.
  11. Great throw, but difference vs Wilson is that Fields had to take three extra steps to the left to gather his momentum to make the throw and Wilson threw the all across to the right
  12. He looks like Justin fields. He has a great arm and deep ball. He isn’t nearly as smooth or natural as Wilson throwing the ball. They are having him do similar movement throws, just a little slower and less accurate. He struggles a bit when having to change velocity or out touch on the throw. Pretty obvious to anyone with eyes. Still the second best pro day I’d say but not the show that Wilson out on by any means.
  13. Yea he’s a hole 10 pounds heavier Wilson is a sneaky good athlete, he can windmill dunk supposedly
  14. I wonder what these ALA freaks think about Mac being drafted before them lol
  15. I love how Jones carries himself such a likable kid
  16. Lmao Lynch and Shanahan both have a “oh god what have we done” look on their face as Jones sails two deep balls 10 feet over the WRs head
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