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  1. No doubt. Fields is an amazing deep ball thrower
  2. Hmmm I think Wilson is the better natural thrower.
  3. Big Ben, Rodgers, Wilson, etc ...
  4. Don’t forget the massive cherries on the top the sh*t sandwich- mono and covid
  5. Revis in his prime is the best NFL player I have ever seen.
  6. I agree that TL is a lock but Wilson would go before TL for about half the teams in the NFL. The idea that they are in different tiers is pretty laughable.
  7. Oh yea? How much 2 year old film of Sewell did you break down?
  8. You said he benefited from covid and a cake schedule, why didn’t any other player or QB benefit from similar circumstances
  9. Why didn’t anyone else prosper under similar circumstances? I was one of the biggest Wilson haters on this forum because of the way he looks. The reality is that other than the injury history there is almost no red flags with this player. The talent is electric and is obvious in film, the pro day just validated it.
  10. No I don’t, I think it is the reason he is not undervalued.
  11. If the 49ers had the first pick they would probably take Wilson. The Jags are 100% taking TL.
  12. You think the butt fumble exists if it was teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota?
  13. Darnold certainly has/had elite accuracy. The fact that he/his confidence been destroyed by mono/Gase/Mac/covid/injuries doesn’t change that. You can be a great putter but once your confidence is gone you can’t make a 2 footer. We are all giving way too much attention to War “Patrick Ramsey” Fish
  14. No one is hyping Wilson. He is the player that we should draft at #2 overall, nothing more nothing less.
  15. Ok so by your logic every QB in the NFL is on an equal talent level and something indescribable by you mostly having to do with being drafted high determines whether they succeed or fail. Got it.
  16. Isn't that what Clemson does with the sideline emojis? I honestly have no idea.
  17. You conveniently gloss over the arm talent and play making ability which is literally the only thing anyone is comparing between the two. Wilson is the same size as half the NFL starting QBs. Would love to see your list of failed QBs with Wilsons arm talent and production. I see two valid criticism for Wilson. 1. Injury history 2. a tendency to leave the pocket to early/prefer chaos over structure (similar to Darnold in this regard).
  18. took you the whole night to come up with that one?
  19. Who cares is getting a second rounder vs a 3rd going to break or make our franchise?
  20. Love me some fields, his short ball accuracy is terrible though possibly fixable (wasn’t for Sanchez). He has a tendacy to make some bad decisions in chaos, also possibly fixable. he is easily a top 10 talent. Wilson has blown me away more recently I think he has Aaron Rodgers potential pure talent.
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