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  1. A team would need to have two 1sts this year
  2. The idea that Wilson’s receivers were more open than OSUs or Clemsons is laughable
  3. LSU fielded an NFL team that year...
  4. So by that logic Joe Burrow shouldn’t have been drafted
  5. What the Jets did before Douglas and Saleh we’re here is completely irrelevant to today. You are connecting two things that have nothing to do with each other. Might as well compare two different NFL teams and say that there is a historical relationship between the two. Nonsense.
  6. “Their own” guy thing is BS. They want the path that will most likely lead to success.
  7. Niners are drafting Mac Jones who is a Matt Ryan clone who won MVP under Kyle Shanahan
  8. 35 need to draft a QB the idea that this is a cycle that repeats itself is nonsense it’s literally the second time in my lifetime that we are in position to take a QB in the top 3. Gase, MAC, Mono, and Covid ruined our ability to groom Darnold, we have a second chance at life here.
  9. That ball flew 20 yards in the air vs 60
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/byu/.amp/news/zach-wilson-named-2020-polynesian-player-of-the-year
  11. My concern with Wilson outside of the injury history (though to be fair Lawrence is having shoulder surgery next week) is that to me he looks a little uncomfortable in a clean pocket, similar to Darnold. I feel that when Rodgers, Mahomes, and even Allen have peaked their games they are so comfortable in the pocket that It feels like they stand there all day. Wilson has some big clean pockets in college but he had a tendency to leave them early to try and make a throw on the run when he didn’t have to.
  12. The hell? How is it different than any 50 yard bomb other than the fact that the WR is more likely to be open because the safety is bailing left....
  13. You’re just a hater. Manziel was all hype. Wilson is oozing with rare talent which is obvious with anyone with eyes.
  14. So we build a super team that is good enough to go 9-7 with no QB play and then are stuck in purgatory because we can’t ever draft high enough to have a QB.
  15. Hyperbole by you, we’ve never been in this position before
  16. There are maybe 2 other QBs in the NFL that can make these throws. ..
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