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  1. Thank you for articulating a point rather than posting a dog gif. I feel that you are undervaluing Wilsons arm talent/throwing ability. It is the single most important physical tool for a QB and he is special in that department. If we were talking about Chad Pennington taking advantage of a bad schedule I might agree. The thing with Wilson though is that the arm talent explodes off the screen...
  2. I can't believe I'm taking the bait.... Yes the Mormon no casual fan has heard of is a better marketing opportunity than the guy that beat Trevor Lawrence in the playoffs. Great point. Please explain to me how Wilsons uncle owning Jet Blue helps make him more marketable?
  3. I find it amusing how you position yourself as a rational "offensive line expert" on youtube and then turn around to be a total troll on this forum.
  4. QB1

    mims year two

    I hope you’re right, but it stood out to me that it always seems like DBs were glued to Mims (hes good at contested catches)
  5. So we agree that he had a good plan?
  6. Yea I know you’ve got nothing of substance to say. Keep throwing sh*t against the wall though, it’s working well for you.
  7. Couldn’t be more wrong. Wilson made a living identifying the pre snap match up and exploiting it. That is the definition of a plan. It’s the reason he had so many 1 on 1 throws............
  8. One season, and he’s going top 10
  9. Fact Zach Wilson has 30 college starts with a 163 rating, Trevor Lawrence has 40 starts with a 164 rating.
  10. Penn State's Christian Hackenberg the No. 1 pick in Todd McShay's 2016 NFL mock draft https://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/2015/05/penn_states_christian_hackenbe_25.html
  11. Mills has 13 starts over 2 years, you have no idea what he is. Again, you are grading Mills based on what he was in highschool and 13 college starts. Hackenberg was a better HS prospect (Fact) and was hyped to be the #1 pick after his freshman year of college (fact). If we had 2 more seasons of Mills in college we could compare beyond that, but we don't, so we can't.
  12. At equivalent points in their careers Hackenberg was a more accomplished high school and college QB than Mills. You are projecting Mills based on nothing (again, using the same methodology hack was QB1 after 13 starts)
  13. Bro, Hackenberg was a 5 star recruit and the #1 “pocket QB” in the country by rivals. He was also a projected #1 pick after his freshman year. Mills has 13 college starts with barely a 2-1 TD/INT ratio...
  14. We are talking about his durability. He got the volume of a #1 receiver and was fine. That was the only point made here...
  15. He passed on Mahomes and Watson for Hackenberg. That is exactly what passing on Wilson for the Stanford kid is.
  16. Hey it’s your story and you’re sticking to it
  17. why do you freak out any time someone disagrees with a criticism of Wilson? News flash: our GM and coach think he’s pretty good too.
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