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  1. I hope we are not decimated by Injuries and are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs until the last 2 weeks of the season
  2. If someone like waddle falls to like 17
  3. I just started listening to his stuff and it’s good, I like him. My friend used to work at football guys and he tells me he’s by far the smartest guy they have. That doesn’t mean he’s always right, I believe he missed badly on Herbert last year.
  4. Sure, but that has nothing to do with the hypothetical criticism of 1 on 1 “jump balls” and out routes being picked in the NFL
  5. Side note. Can we stop pretending like nfl CBS are some different species than what you see in college? CB play in the NFL is putrid, historically bad. These guys make it sound like you like up against all pro secondaries every week. WRs are better too by the way,,.
  6. If we were talking about chad Pennington I could see the concern, but this guy is a special arm talent. He can make any throw and doesn’t “need” a jump ball to be successful. There is a 6 minute cut up I posted with dozens of down the field dimes that hit guys in stride, he can obviously do it. Like you said tho, if this is what we are left to critique it probably says this guy is special. We aren’t taking about how many turnovers he has or how bad his down field completion percentage is... you know, actual results.
  7. Of course there might be a few other bad reads, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady have multiple miss reads per year too. Zach Wilson completed 70% of his deep passes and was the highest ranked deep thrower by PFF. He threw (3) picks the whole year with one coming on his third pass of the year and another on a hail marry. here is every throw from 2020 though, let me know what you find, I couldn’t find much. the outside the number thing is so ridiculous. The idea that these throws would be picks at some absurd rate in the NFL makes no sense, if he was throwing so many risky inaccurate passes it would have resulted in bad things at any level, he wouldn’t of had an 80% adjust completion rate and ONE interception the whole year. The big thing that these guys fail to recognize with that critique is that he throws with Elite anticipation.... lastly, even if those throws were too risky to make in the NFL (they’re not) what is there to say that he couldn’t just adjust away from them and play it safer?
  8. Because you are coached to throw the ball to that guy if he is open (he was), the fact that another WR was more open isn’t relevant, unless the guy he actually threw to was completely covered. Regardless, even if you think he executed the play horribly, it’s one play. There is virtually almost no other example in the 2020 season of him missing wide open guys deep... a criticism is valid when it happens over and over again, every QB makes every type of mistake a few times a year... Here is every wilson deep pass from the 2020 season... he completed 70% of his deep passes... I think he can throw deep BTW, I think the criticism about his inconsistent short game accuracy is valid.
  9. Makes perfect sense, he is trolling you.
  10. Some people just refuse to see how good this kid is. You’d think that someone with this many flaws would have those translate into turnovers... rather than go 12 games with 3 picks (one being his third pass of the season and another being a Hail Mary).
  11. I mean... Curtis Martin and Jones were pretty dam mediocre on their own... they ran behind ELITE o lines.
  12. Really? That SB was a coin flip. For all intents that was a championship caliber team...
  13. I mean for about half a season he looked like a hall of famer
  14. Look at his 3 cone and 10 yard split and tell me he’s not in their class... he blew them away. He looked like the best player on the field to me late in the season and he doesn’t have the mileage that Najee and Etienne do...
  15. TREY SERMON IS RB1 OPEN YOUR IS EYES FOLKS also... with the bust rate or other positions a RB is honestly not a terrible move...
  16. Stay healthy and don’t get fat please
  17. QB1

    mims year two

    Lol quite the standard has any gm in nfl history scored an A+ with your scale?
  18. So because some people think he is the best QB he is “hyped”? The only “hyped” QB Is Lawrence who people speak of as generational even though he has huge flaws in his game... He is supposed to have all this “potential” but he hasn’t improved at all since his freshman year...
  19. so because A guy didn’t have casual fan hype he isn’t going to be good? Consider it a blessing that our GM doesn’t draft based on superficial hype... no one knew who mahomes or Allen were before they got drafted... hell, Murray wasn’t even the consensus #1 pick until a month before the draft. Was anyone tanking for herbert last year? How did tank for tua work out? Get real
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