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  1. The nfl puts a lot of pressure on teams not to spill the beans
  2. Exactly, he also knows 100% that he isn’t going to the draft but won’t say it for the same reason
  3. What do you expect Zach Wilson to say? When in the history of the NFL draft has the player admitted where they are being picked? Trevor just did an SI interview and he didn't even acknowledge where he was going...
  4. Winning the lottery is not a financial strategy to copy.
  5. AFCE is by far the hardest division to grow a young QB.
  6. I’m reading conflicting reports of that online. Wilson said in the video he was already breaking down film, I’d be surprised if he randomly picked what film to study...
  7. The Jags also gave Zach their playbook.
  8. He’s in a cabin with three of his teammates? I thought they hated him?
  9. Look at the average career earnings for top 10 picks vs. non top 10 picks
  10. Oh look you're doing it again. Attacking me because I said something you don't want to hear. Then you will turn around and pretended to be the forum peace maker. The only RB I want in this draft is Trey Sermon.
  11. Please look in the mirror. The only one inciting friction is you by overreacting to people telling you something you don't like to hear and then insulting them.
  12. Zach Wilson drove 10 hours each way to train in California, doing Door Dash deliveries on his time off to try and pay back his parents for all they've invested in him. But yea, he's the entitled rich brat.
  13. His adjusted comp% is 80%... both Fields and Wilson have elite accuracy by every measure.
  14. A lot of ignorance on this topic off platform ability =\= bad mechanics In fact, the reason Wilson can throw off platform so well is because of his prodigious throwing mechanics. He will enter the NFL with the second best throwing mechanics in the leuage. His ability to rotate and generate power with his hips I’ve only seen I one other guy, ever... Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes is great off platform because he has a cannon and is Gumby with his arm, but his mechanics are atrocious. Two different ways to get to the same results.
  15. I think lance going early will ease some of that backlash
  16. It honestly sounds like lance will go before fields to me, I think he could be the guy at 3. Remember the niners made the trade after the lance pro day...
  17. Yes I was the biggest fields hype man on this forum and coined the nickname “bitch face” for Wilson. The pro day triggered my interest and allowed me to start removing my bias. It made me realize how special of a thrower this kid is, then I watched every throw of the season on YouTube and became convinced he is the right choice.
  18. You don't have much of a point. Other than Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson no NFL QBs is an above average NFL athlete. Wilson is most definitely an above average athlete for an NFL QB. He is also the same height and weight as aaron Rodgers, again you don't have much of a point.
  19. They actually aren't similar in any way as athletes. I love how you say things so matter of fact, like its not a debate that the ceiling is Mayfield.
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