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  1. You are confusing arm strength with throwing ability. Wilson can generate power without a base and is exceptional on the move. On the other hand Mayfield is a rythm passer who needs to step into his throws and excels on play action... and is known to be terribly inaccurate when forced to roll out. They are completely different passers even if Mayfield has just as strong of a fastball.
  2. lol OK, there is literally no comparison between Wilson & Trubisky/Mayfield in terms of their ability to throw. It's not just about pure arm strength, of course Mayfield and Trubisky have good arms.
  3. I just feel he totally dismisses his arm talent. Baker Mayfield and Trubisky were limited from an arm talent perspective. He said Ric Serritella asked BYU players (not every team) which teammate they would take to the NFL to be their teammate... It's a loaded question... maybe it means Wilson isn't the funniest guy on the team? How many OSU players would answer Justin Fields to the same question?
  4. Did you watch the video? 3rd rounder was a direct quote form Waldman....
  5. Yea, its one guy. I believe he missed hard on Herbert (had him as his 8th QB) though I could be wrong there. He does have Sermon as his #1 RB which I agree with...
  6. He said he knows some random guy that has been asking BYU players "who they would take to the NFL" with them and none said Wilson, you can interpret that however you like. He called Wilson a 3rd rounder and compared him to Baker Mayfield. Said the Mahomes comparisons are based off nothing tangible. He is concerned about his ability to see the field and make the correct reads. I think that he completely dismissed Wilsons arm talent as nothing special. I think any objective observer can appreciate that this kid is special at throwing the football- that is where the mahomes/rodgers comps come from...
  7. He does it to several people (then proceeds to get mad when I send him a PM about it). I think your description is perfect.
  8. QB1

    CB Market

    poole is out there as well right?
  9. Just to be clear, its cool to sh*t on Wilson but when anyone dares say anything negative about Fields we are trolling/attacking posters. Got it, just want to make sure I understand the rules of this place. I appreciate it.
  10. They are both extremely accurate and wilson throws a significantly lower % of interceptable passes. I don't think any other conclusions can be pulled from that data (other than Lawrence being overrated AF).
  11. did you even read the chart? Wilson looks pretty damn good across the board
  12. It’s a discussion forum and I am discussing the topic at hand, Fields going to the Jets. If you want a circle jerk around some fantasy I suggest you make a private chat with some of your buddies.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2825415-kyler-murray-throws-doesnt-run-40-at-oklahoma-pro-day-cardinals-dont-attend.amp.html
  14. Lol and you’re some genius by comparison? Don’t tell me what to post
  15. Yearly deaths from the flu is 20k. Where are the other 480,000 coming from genius?
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/saturdaytradition.com/ohio-state-football/justin-fields-drops-out-of-top-10-in-todd-mcshays-latest-mock-draft/amp/
  17. Two weeks ago https://www.google.com/amp/s/saturdaytradition.com/ohio-state-football/justin-fields-drops-out-of-top-10-in-todd-mcshays-latest-mock-draft/amp/
  18. A couple of weeks ago fields was being mocked to like the 15th pick. The woke movement has pressured the media into pumping him up again
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