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  1. can I make a “Jags will pass on Lawrence” thread and you guys promise not to sh*t on it? Because it’s pretty much as unlikely as the Jets passing on Wilson at this point
  2. No its not. Being concerned about covid and choosing not to be vaccinated is insane thinking.
  3. this isn't 2020. They will face a tsunami of negative opinion from fans/the media for this stunt. It wont last.
  4. i have no problem with them not showing up. I have a big problem with them lying and using the pandemic as an excuse not to show up.
  5. ban them from the season, that is beyond absurd.
  6. we are Jets fans during a 1.5 year pandemic lockdown, can you think of a more miserable set of conditions?
  7. What would you call someone that spends every waking moment thumbs downing a persons posts because they are too afraid to have a discussion on a forum? I think the term I used is appropriate.
  8. Yes I sent you a PM because you’ve been wasting your life downvoting every one of my posts for the last few days. Are you ok?
  9. Football fan has contributed more in a week than in the decade plus you’ve been mouth breathing over this forum
  10. Am I the only one who thinks of this guy as the poor mans wes Welker?
  11. What? I remember everyone on earth WTFing the bears for trading up 1 spot to secure a QB that nobody wanted. Fact of the matter is that QB class was considered bad at the time
  12. Our GM and head coach for 1 There was a poll of 23 GMs thst all had TL/Wilson 1/2
  13. So does every MLB pitcher, but do they all have the same stuff?
  14. You think the Jets are just going to give Wilson to the 49ers? We are copying the 49ers offense, why wouldn’t we want the same QB they crave?
  15. Yea like the ability to you know, throw the football
  16. All I have to say is if you make inflammatory statements like this without a shred of an argument you can't be taken seriously.
  17. Two separate things. Preferring Fields as a prospect vs. there being any chance that the Jets select him.
  18. dude relax @2:25 @ 3 mins I like Fields, I was one of his biggest hype men on this board. But the more I watch the more I see tendencies of bad decision making. He is a little stiff and robotic, and just doesn't play the position naturally. It has nothing to do with being smart or dumb, its about instincts. This short distance accuracy is unfathomably bad, its like his delivery gets even longer the shorter the throw gets, he aims it, remind me of markelle fultz shooting a basketball... combined with the poor decision making under pressure I get flash backs of Sanchez and Geno. That being said, he is one of the best intermediate to long passers I have ever seen, and his running ability is Elite, you can build an awesome offense based on play action and deeps shots with fields.
  19. With Revis you could literally erase the production of the other teams #1 receiver. There has never been another corner that had that impact.
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