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  1. Last 10 years 5x great team w/average QB 2x top 5 QB 3x pats dynasty same story
  2. In the last 20 years 6x patriots dynasty 10x wins by all time great teams that carried average to bad QBs 2000 Ravens, 2001 pats, 2002 bucs, 2005 Steelers, 2007 Giants, 2011 Giants, 2012 ravens, 2013 Seahawks, 2015 broncos, 2017 eagles, 4x wins led by what at the time were “top 5” QBs - 2019 chiefs - 2010 packers - 2009 saints - 2006 colts
  3. By what measure? Manning was a football savant, a coach on the field from day 1, came into the league with the mind of a 10 year vet. Luck had that too. Does TL posses this? If yes, amazing. I truly don’t know.
  4. Is building the 2000 ravens really that much harder than landing an Aaron Rodgers?
  5. How many Super Bowls has Aaron Rodgers gone to in the last decade?
  6. So if we do get Trevor, what should we expect year 1? It seems like anything short of a division title and pro bowl for TL would be a huge disappointment. If he is as generational as they say that shouldn’t be a problem though.
  7. Right, when Reggie Wayne was a top 5 WR in the game. I would be interested in seeing this for lesser QBs.
  8. Polamalu has 32 career picks
  9. Is it even possible for us to “beat” the Jags in SOS? We have to hope that the Jags win.
  10. Didn’t George R Martin have a Jets blog?
  11. Dallas Clark was a first round pick, you don’t think Stokley and Collie benefited from the attention paid to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne? Finally you’re talking about prime Peyton Manning, not a standard anyone should be aiming for.
  12. Other than the ATL game on Monday night I never saw anything in Geno worth redeeming.
  13. No I don't. Sanchez had an incredible support system and still wasn't good. We all agree that Gase is trash and its a fact that Hogan was his #1 receiver for most of the season.
  14. I've never felt that Darnold wasn't the answer. But I did realize that this fanbase cannot support a quarterback that needs development. The only way it will work here is with instant success.
  15. What made Peyton and Luck great prospects wasn’t just their physical skills. They were football savants that came into the NFL with the mental aptitude of a 10 year vet. Does Lawrence have this? I don’t think the offense he runs at Clemson is particularly complex or offers a lot of at the line calls.
  16. Who wins more games? Mahomes with this Jets team w/Gase or Darnold with the Chiefs?
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