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  1. Guard is a premium position but center is not?
  2. team trying to copy system from offensive genius passes on QB that said offensive genius traded up for twice, yea... that wouldn’t be the dumbest thing this franchise has ever done
  3. The Justin fields can do no wrong woke movement is the most annoying thing going
  4. According to you because he won a chip and beat good teams... so Mac Jones is the pick- got it
  5. 4.29 pro day speed means he’s really a 4.4 guy. Cheetah is a legit 4.2 in pads
  6. Pretty sure we’ve done this before herm - penny mangini - Farve rex - Sanchez
  7. Who are the other guys you mentioned ? Can’t find the other thread
  8. You are clueless bro, the Bengals selected OL with their first round picks two years in a row before drafting Burrow
  9. You think burrows acl wouldnt have torn If he was bigger?
  10. He’s monotone low energy, that’s exactly what it is. Also sounds a bit nasally
  11. Face palm what have the WAR for a QB? We need to build an OL to keep our #2 pick alive We need at least one day 1 starter on the line from this draft, we simply cannot afford to wait because of “depth” of the position
  12. Trey sermon will be the best RB in this draft
  13. I feel like I've explained my position pretty thoroughly in this thread.
  14. It's OK to have a rebuilding below average unit for a year with no expectations if it means setting up your QB for 20 years of long term success.
  15. Because the 49ers never said they like Wilson? That part is 100% speculation (correct speculation but still speculation) Dolphins took Tua at 5 who is worse than Mac Jones in every category. Also I’d argue that joe Burrow and Mac Jones are extremely similar as well.
  16. You’re calling jt O’Sullivan racist?
  17. Kind of hard to tell from the gif, it looks like bad execution to me. The throw went inside where it should have been back shoulder. Not every good decision ends in a good result, I think genos intention was correct
  18. Huh? That was a stone cold drop by the WR, what do you mean?
  19. Lol she is definitely bat sh*t but seems like a nice enough person
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