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  1. Absolutely baffled by those that want a CB. Again, name 10 NFL CBs you would trade the 23rd pick for... news flash there aren’t any. The CB position has been neutered by offensive rules. You need a pass rush and a good scheme to put your DBs in good positions, that’s it.
  2. QB1

    JD Bashers

    I think he is smart and by far the most competent guy we’ve had at GM in many decades But he has made some mistakes, RA being the biggest. I think he deserves a lot of the blame for failing to surround Sam with talent, the fact is that the best team Sam had around him was in 2018 I am also not a fan of the Morgan, Perrine, Zuniga, and Davis picks. Would you trade that lump of players for a 2nd rounder? I would
  3. We are aware that his hands are bigger than Sams right? lol
  4. Man this kid had a dude, so down to earth and likable. And yea, he’s obviously a Jet already lol.
  5. I don’t disagree that it is BS that Mac Jones dui is never spoken about, I also don’t think we should cancel Mac Jones (Or anyone) because he’s made some mistakes But Mac Jones getting a dui has nothing to do With fields potentially having personality or worth ethic issues, both things can be true at the same time. It’s gotten to the point where any criticism of fields is considered racist which is abusrd. if evaluators are so racist why did tua go before Herbert and why did Kyler Murray go #1 overall?
  6. No safety within 20 yards?
  7. Yes and he gets off the read to make a special throw to the open guy underneath. I agreed with you on 7
  8. Staring down a receiver when there is a safety is bad, however in every example that you provided for Wilson there was no safety help
  9. Eh he’s trying to pump up his YouTube brand with the Justin fields race card thing IMO
  10. No one is a Wilson “homer”. He hasn’t played a down for the jets yet. Forgive us for focusing on what makes him a good prospect vs negative analysis paralysis
  11. “Starts with foot speed” and proceeds to draft Perrine?
  12. We didn’t want you throwing another tantrum
  13. Not sure what your point is with those examples, half of them have safety help and the other half are terrible throws
  14. Not sure where he said that, in this interview he says Wilson has that level of throwing ability
  15. Trey Lance has 288 career college passing attempts- thats terrifying
  16. A couple of homer niners fans trying to convince themselves that it’s ok they are going to miss on Wilson interview JT JT was pretty critical in his YouTube channel but says a lot of good things here (fast forward a bit) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ninersnation.com/platform/amp/2021/4/7/22372539/shanaplan-podcast-the-zach-wilson-episode
  17. He had two injuries in a 6 game season last year, playing behind an NFL OL taking hits from college kids
  18. But the stats do support them. He was essentially average despite dealing with well below average circumstances.
  19. I don't know, even one is one too many. What is your point? You think Darnold played with average OL and WR? You make decisions based on easily manipulated metrics that don't account for context, I use my eyes. Goodbye.
  20. Sorry I meant hogan. Darnold isn’t on the Jets anymore why do you feel the need to sh*t on him still?
  21. Hes essentially leauge avg with the worst OL and throwing to berrios as his #1
  22. Darnold has pin point accuracy between 5-20 yards, Jets fans are so jaded they can't see that. Agreed that Wilsons mechanics and arm strength separate him from Darnold, I also see a lot of similarities in their games. Some people need to take a step back and look at how other QBs looked in their college tape. Every QB has huge holes and horrible plays. I think some posters expect the #2 pick to have flawless tape but that just isnt the case. I can make a cut up of TL throwing multiple passes directly into the chest of defenders.
  23. I mean hes a 22 year old center, beat to sh*t how? You don't think he has 8-10 years left in the tank? When healthy he looked dominant to my untrained eye. I know he tore his acl but they showed him doing cartwheels a couple of weeks ago and they say he will be ready week 1. If not for the injury, do you see him as a day 1 starter? I do
  24. I said the stare down analysis showed no understanding of how the qb position works, the truth is an insult now?
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